Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Animals everywhere

In just one day, I had interactions with the following animals:

Twenty five chickens and one Easter chick.

Seven goats.
One mule.
One mini-horse.
Three cats.
One dog.
Three mice.
One psycho-squirrel.
One ringneck snake.
One common gray tree frog.

And this list just includes those animals I had some physical contact with (granted the physical contact with the mice was with the bottom of my boot, but still).  It doesn't include the dozens of wild birds, like the huge Pileated woodpecker that scared the beejezus out of me, the Phoebes that I watch building their nests while on the computer, or the rabbit that I know Moonshine has cornered under the shed.  Nor does it include the animals or animal products that we consumed in just this one day; milk (goats), eggs (chickens), hamburger (cattle) and lard (hog).

I'm really not sure where this post is supposed to be going (as if a blog had to go anywhere), but for some reason it just struck me this evening what a large role animals play in our daily lives.  

Oh, and I wanted to share this picture of my Easter Chick that I though bit the bullet, but actually made it!

I heard a chicken doing the mother-hen-clucking noise when I was outside in the garden.  So I went over to the shed where the broody hen was and she was off the nest, walking around, all fluffed up and scratching at the ground.  And right behind her was a little chick!  Not sure if it's a different chick, or the one that I though was missing.  We'll just say that it was the MIA chick so I feel better, ok?  Ok.  

I scooped up the chick before the hen could peck my eyes out and put it in a bucket so I could hastily clean out a small pen.  Put the still-peeping-like-crazy chick into the pen and went back to grab the still-very-pissed mother hen.  Returned her to her chick in the pen, provided food and water and all is well.  


  1. Everyone is having chicks! I can't get enough! I can't wait until someday I will actually understand what the heck those hen sounds you are talking about are.. Broody hen "keeps off my eggs bitch" and mother hen "give me back my chick you witch!" Someday, someday...

  2. Pissed off mother hens. How can you not love them ! PS Thanks for following me :)

  3. It is so amazing how BIG they can get with all that fluffing up! I'm battling two broody hens - I'm not in the mood for broody hens at the moment and I am in charge, after all. Or think I am.

  4. Glad your little chick is surviving, hope she hatches a few more.

  5. Why is it my encounters with animals are often limited to snakes, turtles and the neighbor's Great Dane who likes to creep up behind me when I'm deep in OUR woods? Love your little chick-let.

  6. Tiny Gardener, SOME day :). Then you can get chased by roosters while you're at it!

    Donna, how could I NOT follow you! You're a kindred smartarse spirit!

    Susan, stop fooling yourself. NONE of us are in charge, the furry/feathered creatures got us by the short hairs!

    Tombstone, I think that chick was it. She gave up the nest and didn't even freak when I went to try and sweep stuff out using a broom stick.

    Hoosier Girl, thanks!

    Charade, how nice, the neighbor's dog keeping an eye out for you. (eye rolling)

  7. If the menagerie that hangs at your place begins to talk with you let us know so we can alert the appropriate authorities....unless your last name is Dolittle of course.

    I really enjoy watching mamma hens raise their chicks!

  8. I enjoy just getting eggs, no rooster, no broody hens!

  9. So cute! Love watching mamas and chicks.

    I caught that "psycho squirrel" too. We had a suicidal squirrel yesterday. DH found on drowned in one of the goats' water buckets.

  10. I agree with you, it's the MIA chick! :)
    Our farm lives really do revolve sooo much around the animals don't they?!? Wouldn't have it any other way!

  11. I have never done an animal count.....interesting.

    I think it was that chick too. I love the sound the mama hens make....sort of like the soft moo that a mama cow makes to her new baby.