Friday, April 6, 2012

Fast Food "Duh" moment

I'm a horrible mother.  There have been more than a handful of times when I've purchased items from the frozen food section at the supermarket specifically for Rhiannon.  Namely, the cheap-o frozen pizzas and corn dogs.

And the stupid thing about it is, I make homemade pizza here about once a week.  But it does take time, even when I'm using pre-homemade sauce and frozen mozzarella and goat cheese.  So when Rhiannon suddenly decides she wants lunch, like right NOW, I pull out a corn dog or pizza from the freezer.  It's just too easy to pop a frozen pizza in the oven, plop it in front of her and call it "Lunch".

So what did I finally do last night while making our almost-weekly pizza for pizza & movie night?  I actually made a mini-pizza and froze it!  

My batch of dough is usually made into one large pizza crust and a pan of bread sticks.  But this time I made the usual large pizza and then a smaller pizza.  I partially cooked the small pizza crust then put the sauce & cheeses on it (Rhiannon is a cheese-only kind'a kid) then wrapped it in aluminum foil and stuck it in the freezer.

The next time Rhiannon is hankering for lunch and I'm too busy to prepare a real meal, I'm going to go into the freezer and take out my
homemade frozen pizza.  And I won't feel quite so guilty.

Now I'll just have to get my bum in gear and freeze some of my homemade corn dogs.  Maybe I'll even put the little stick in them like the store-bought ones to make it more "authentic".


  1. Fabulous idea! I do something similar for CatMan who LOVES lasagna but doesn't love the 2 hours it takes to prepare it! So once a month or so I make up about a half a dozen mini-lasagnas and stick them in the freezer. They taste best if he gives me enough warning to thaw & cook them in the actual oven, but in a pinch they can be nuked in about 15 minutes.

    But in terms of the horrible mother stuff... my mother fed me fast food 3-4 nights a week, and when we weren't eating at Burger Death or Pizza Slut, it was frozen TV dinners, hamburger helper and canned ravioli. I'm not exactly recommending that, but I did survive, and somehow the experience taught me to regard fresh vegetables as a delicious treat, because they were so rare!

  2. I have an aversion to most processed foods, and I'm passing this along to my kids. The other day my husband asked my 6-year-old if she wanted to go out for dinner, and she whined, "No, because Mom's cooking is so much better."

  3. I agree with EcoCatLady - we all were given (well, most of us) some sort of processed crap throughout our formative years and we survived. I think that Rhiannon is way ahead of us and that you - in spite of what you think - are a great mom. I mean, I ate SPAM, for heavens sake.

  4. You are such a good mommy . . . homemade pizzas and corn dogs or not! I'm not feeding anybody but us two adults anymore but would absolutely die without the advantage of my freezer! I make three good meals a day, but they often come from my freezer.

  5. Your pizza looks much better than one that comes out of a box. Next time double your pizza recipe and you can make several individuals and bread sticks. Way to go. HeHe listen to me the one who only has a kitchen cause it came with the house. ........

  6. CR,
    I'm amazed that you have not done this before! When I first read your post about "Homemade Corn Dogs", I pulled several packs of dogs from the freezer and used your instructions to make my own.
    Now I have about two dozen HCD's that I can just throw into my lunch box and take to work.
    I guess "Frozen Pizza" is the next thing I have to work on.

  7. Great pizza! I love making home made frozen dinners. They really make life easy.

    Ok... These things just keep coming to me...

  8. What a great idea and you are a WONDERFUL mother! :)
    Homemade convenience foods are the best!

  9. Way to go on freezing pizza! I haven't tried that yet, hubby makes the pizza around here and it's an all day event so I'm not sure that one would work for me, but I am constantly striving to get better about those "bad mom" dinners LOL, but there are times when having "stuff" in that freezer is a lifesaver! Don't worry, I think we still do way better than most out there, corn dogs and all LOL!