Monday, April 2, 2012

One year egg count

After noticing that some other bloggers religiously keep records on how much produce, meat, eggs and milk they produce on their farms, I though it would be a neat idea if I could manage to do the same.  

I started last April with the eggs, and just this spring kidding started measuring the milk output.  I've also been entering farm related receipts into the calendar even though I'm afraid that I will just prove that they are costing us money.  But knowledge is power, right?  Ugh.

Typical hens.....eight nest boxes, but five chickens in four boxes.
So anyway, today I did my tallying of the eggs for the year (why didn't I do this on a spreadsheet instead of just on a calendar???) and was pretty surprised at the total count and the flucuations during the seasons.  

Here are my monthly totals:

April: 244

May: 240
June: 157
July: 179
August: 152
September: 150
October: 89
November: 27
December: 23
January: 29
February: 238
March: 389

Year Total: 1,921

Up until the second week of February of 2012, there were only between twelve and fifteen hens (I didn't always keep track) of laying age.  The new pullets started laying on February 7th, and that accounts for the sudden increase from January's piddly total of 29 to a whopping 238.  So starting in February the number of laying hens almost doubled for a total of 20 (or so).   Yes, I'm a bad chicken counter.  All I know is that we currently have 25 chickens including roosters, but it's one more than I
thought we had (I'll explain that in the next post).

We didn't use supplemental lighting through the winter months because I figured the gals could use a break, although I didn't realize until I started keeping count how much the egg numbers would decline.  The holidays were pretty much egg-free and I think I may have even bought store eggs for baking holiday cookies....oh, the horror!

The first part of February Paul installed the solar panel and lights in the chicken coop / goat shed so they did have some additional lighting at night before I got outside to shut the chicken door & turn the lights off.

We're eating eggs like it's going out of style and I still have plenty in the fridge to sell.  As long as we don't lose too many hens to predators this year, it looks like next year's totals could be almost double.  

I can't imagine what other egg dishes I'll have to come up with.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed - both with the egg totals and with your for keeping track. I would not be so good at that part.

  2. I have been keeping an egg diary since I moved into my house - now six years ago. It's fun to go back and see how many eggs they were laying, what the temps were in the morning, weather, etc. Ok, I'm a nerd -- want to make something out of it?? ;o)

  3. Freeze them Carolyn. Just break them opn and lightly mix with fork. Por two or three in a glad bag. seal and label. Perfect for cooking all year round. Just thaw on your counter. One cam only eat so many eggs in spring!

  4. Wow, just shows to go ya that record keeping can show a lot. Hubby and I usually just go the argument route:

    "Remember how the chickens laid really good right through December?"

    "No, they stopped the first of November 'cause I had to buy eggs for two months, right into the first of the year."

    "Nuh-uh, I remember distinctly . . . "

  5. Keeping a count can sometimes be a chore but it is nice to know what the heck is going on out there. It does prove that the chickens easily pay for their keep!

  6. Wow, impressive numbers! I probably should track eggs and milk too...we'll see. ;-)
    I wonder how long you can store eggs in the freezer?

  7. I'm with MamaPea. And I'm thinking now we should start keeping track of our farm stuff as well. :) If only to prove that its costing us money, which is pretty much what I'm sure we will discover. ;)

  8. An egg diary? Interesting idea. I may have to do that.

  9. I am a bean counter by nature. I actually did a spread sheet and proved that our eggs are cheaper than store eggs....and taste so much better. It did make me feel good though and that is with them not free ranging.