Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rooster Mojo

Since being injured, Porch Rooster (PR for short) has been pretty much pampered.  Yes, I know, he's only a stupid chicken, and we usually don't "pamper" the poultry around here because they are, after all, just livestock.  But he was always a nice rooster, and those of you that have raised roosters already know, a nice rooster is hard to find.

He had his own little recovery room for a while and has since been hand fed the choicest of chicken scraps and given fresh goat milk to drink.  PR's tail feathers have come back in and the rest of his feathers are looking nice and shiny.  He's also gained weight (all that goat cheese and leftover meatloaf obviously helped) and his comb, which was all saggy, flopped over and a dull red, is now perky and bright red.

Porch Rooster (PR) coming up to the house for his breakfast.
And a few days ago, I heard him crow!  It wasn't a full-out, "I'm king of the chickens - don't mess with me or I'll cap your ass" crow, but it was definitely a crow.  I haven't heard him crow since the attack.  Then the next day he crowed again, this time with a few ladies present.  And today he has a small following of the older hens gathered around him hoping that he'll do the rooster-clucking-thing that basically means, "Hey ladies, I got a tasty bug over here, want some?".   I haven't seen any chicken lovin' going on yet, but I'm happy he's getting back to his old self.

I don't think he's ready to compete with the younger roosters yet, and not sure if he ever will be.  But at least PR's got his own little hen harem now.....and found his Mojo. 


  1. He is looking great! I am sure chicken lovin' is sure to happen soon!

  2. Wow, I may need to come over to your place and pretend to be a PR to get some of the delicious vittles he has been enjoying.

  3. Pretty soon he will be getting some lovin' cause his Mojo will be totally back.

  4. He's a beautiful guy, what breed? Good for you, and I have nursed back my non-laying hen cause she's such a sweetie :)

  5. Lamb, I sure hope some chicken lov'n happens, I'd LOVE to hatch out some of his offspring.

    Chai Chai, yeah, he's just a tad spoiled, ya think?

    Sandy, seems as every day he gets perkier.

    Nancy, I think he's at least part Australorp as he was from a hatch where there were Barred Rock Roosters and Black Australorp hens.

  6. Obviously, it was all of your TLC that brought him back to living a happy rooster life. He may now be severely spoiled in the food department . . . but you'll have to deal with that!

  7. I'm glad PR has gotten his Mojo back! :)

  8. Yay! He's looking very good!