Friday, April 13, 2012

Creamed Lambs Quarter

I love creamed spinach.  Unfortunately the extent of my culinary experience with it had been in a Green Giant box in the frozen foods section, although it's probably been close to ten years since I've had it so who knows if it's still as "good" as I remember it.  I don't know why I hadn't made it myself.  Maybe because I was too cheap to buy the cream and spinach for it.  Maybe I was afraid I would end up eating the entire dish by myself.  

But now I had a small but steady amount of cream on hand as well as both spinach and lambs quarters growing like crazy in the raised beds.  What better time to make myself a batch of my beloved and long forgotten side dish!

I picked a bunch of lambs quarter and rinsed it off & chopped it up.  Then proceeded to scour the internet for Creamed Spinach recipes (there wasn't much of anything on recipes containing lambs quarters).  As usual, I didn't actually use a specific recipe but gleaned bits and pieces from a bunch of them, trying to determine what I thought would work best.  

I don't remember exactly what the measurements were, but basically I sauteed some onions and garlic, then melted some butter and poured in a cup or so of cream.  Added my chopped lambs quarters and a few sprinkles of salt and heated on low until the greens were wilted.
And I ended up eating the entire dish (minus a small serving for Paul) in two days.  It was just as good warmed up the next day.

It's so nice to have an old friend for dinner!  Now the real test will be serving it to my Dad.


  1. Admission: I've never had creamed spinach. But I love spinach and I love lamb's quarters. Wanna bet I'd love creamed lamb's quarters? Gonna try it as soon as I find enough popped up in the garden. Thank you for the really good recipe! Sort of recipe, I mean. ;o}

  2. I LOVE Lambs Quarters! Your dish sounds really good!

  3. That looks tasty! I've never tried lamb's quarters but it grows wild all over my yard. I am going to give it a go soon.

  4. Oh boy, does that ever look good! No lambs quarters here but I DO have some spinach in the garden that needs to be used! :)

  5. Oh YUM. I may have to try this with the kale I have on hand. I love ANYTHING bathed in cream and butter :)

  6. Boy, does that look good (so does whatever is all crispy-browny-casseroly behind it)! I will make this dish for sure. It's my kind of recipe - lots of wiggle-room.