Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken Surprise

No, I'm not talking about a chicken casserole dish.  Although I wouldn't mind one right now as I have yet to plan anything for supper.

For the past week, maybe more, I've been hearing two different hens do their "I just laid an egg" squawking right around the tool shed.  You know, where they're
not supposed to be laying eggs.  I never got there in time to see exactly where they came from, they'd just be leaving the general area.  I looked around the shed, under the shed, in the pile of stuff leaned up next to the shed, but wasn't able to find the suspected hidden pile of eggs.  

Then this weekend, Paul, Rhiannon & I were sitting watching the goats graze near the shed when I spied an egg peeking out from just under the front of the shed.  I went down on my hands and knees and found three other eggs.  And after brushing a pile of leaves aside, I saw this:

At first I though it was just one of the squawkie hens, but she didn't move at all during the day.  And when nightfall came, she didn't go in the coop with the other chickens.  I checked on her in the morning and she was still there and when I checked again before dusk, she was still sitting there.

So I guess my wish for a broody hen has come to fruition!  But I was kind of
 hoping that it would happen in the safe confines of the coop and not in the "wilds" outside where there are numerous nighttime critters more than happy to have a midnight snack of chicken.

I'm not sure how long she's been under there, although I suspect at least since my last official chicken-count from last week.  I'm not sure how many eggs she has under her as I cannot reach that far and I don't want to spook here and break up the nest.  So I guess the wait is on.  

I know that broody hens will forgo food and water for most, if not all of their time on the nest, but I felt badly for her not knowing how long she's been under there or how long she will continue to set under there.  So I managed to toss a juicy pear just within reach of her beak.  And she just looked at it.  Well, actually she fluffed up and did the "don't touch my eggs or I'll kill ya' bitch" thing.  And
then she looked at it.  Not sure if she ate it because I left her alone again.

Crossing my fingers that she survives the remaining nights on her nest and that we'll have peeping chicks here soon.

Because you know, we need to make more hard boiled eggs!


  1. Oh, Carolyn Renee, I've been there and just recently with a broody hen. I hope you have success with her and her eggs!

  2. It looks like she knew exactly how far under there to set up her nest so she's just out of reach of your arm. Here's hoping that's also just far enough under there to discourage a predator.

  3. Ha! I love your chicken surprise! I keep telling my girls to go broody but so far not one has taken the challenge. I suspect they don't want to deal with teenagers this winter :)

  4. Chickens may not be the sharpest tacks in the box, but boy are they determined! That is such a riot - I hope she is able to thwart any prowlers who happen by. Can you fence her in?

  5. Love your chicken surprise! I hope she hatches you some peepers! :)

  6. That's great! Home hatched chicks are great. My broody hen last summer was in a bad spot too. I moved her and her eggs at night. Happily she stayed put.

  7. Well, with all those roosters, at least you should have fertile eggs. She is doing it Mother Nature's way and it usually works best if we don't interfere. Just be sure she has water and I would toss out some feed under the shed for her.

  8. "Well, actually she fluffed up and did the "don't touch my eggs or I'll kill ya' bitch" thing." - Coffee on the computer screen. Again. My husband is going to ban me from reading your blog. :)

  9. Rose, how did your broody hen situation pan out? Well, I hope!

    Charade, Little bugger hen indeed!

    Hoosier Girl, we've only had two or three broody hens since we've been her (seven years) so I'm happy about her going broody, just not happy WHERE. I know there are certain breeds that are more likely to go broody, but not sure mine got the note!

    Susan, I though about it, but I'd (Paul) have to fence in the entire shed and there's just too much "stuff" around it. So just crossing my fingers & keeping the dog outside at night to hopefully scare away any late-night chicken-snackers.

    Candy, Oh how I love those peeping noises!

  10. Leigh, I'd move her & her nest, but I can't reach the little bugger!

    gld, I'm going to have to carefully shove a little dish of water under there today. She's been eating the juicy pears though so I'm hoping there's enough moisture in there for a little while.

    Mama Tea, If you closely read the disclaimer on the bottom of my blog screen (written in invisible ink) you will notice that I am in no way responsible for liquids, solid or semi-chewed food being spit onto any mechanical or electronic equipment.

  11. Good luck with her, broody hens are pretty determined so hopefully all that attitude will pay off LOL!