Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hard Boiled Egg Hell, Part 2

Ok, so I still haven't tried any of the many suggestions I received from my wonderful blog pals.  Eventually I'm going to go through them one by one and see which one(s) work for me.  

But it could just be as Mama Pea suggested;  I have some sort of curse that will not allow me to successfully nor easily peel a homegrown hard boiled egg.  Hopefully that curse does not pass onto Rhiannon as I'd hate to know that I would be the underlying cause of her suffering when she ever decided to make deviled eggs.

After recently having my first egg salad sandwich in over a year, I could not get the craving out of my system.  But there was no more egg salad left.  Which meant that I would have to attempt peeling eggs again.  Which meant that I would likely burst a blood vessel.  I just wasn't in the mood to try experimenting with the suggestions just yet.

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to this modern miracle of engineering:

Now before you all get on my case about giving up on the old fashioned way of boiling and relieving eggs of their shells, let me tell you that this product was just a week ago given to me by my neighbor.  One of her friends knew she also had trouble peeling homegrown eggs so gifted her with this.  And she in turn, re-gifted it to me.  When I reluctantly accepted it I told her that I couldn't promise that she wouldn't see it at the Salvation Army thrift store in the next couple of weeks and she just smiled a knowing smile.

After a week of Rhiannon playing with the box and contents, I finally had a strong enough craving for egg salad that I gathered what parts I could find (notice there are only five complete Eggies in the pot instead of six) and set upon making myself some hard boiled eggs.

Eggies!  And if you call now, you'll receive a FREE egg separator!

I cracked an egg into each Eggie, put the top on & screwed the ring on.  Plopped them into the pot of water, brought it to a boil then let it sit with a cover on top for fifteen minutes.  I pulled each Eggie out of the water and let them sit on the counter until they were cool enough to touch.  And here's what I got:

Some pretty strange lookin'g eggs, hugh?  I don't see how one could make deviled eggs from them, although I suppose if an egg yolk were to end up centered, you could scoop it out and then use the flat side of the egg as the bottom and wouldn't have to worry about them rolling all over the serving plate.  But then you wouldn't have an excuse to dig out that deviled egg platter you got for a wedding gift years ago (but never actually registered for).  I guess if you cracked two eggs into the Eggie it would fill completely up and make an egg shaped egg (now wouldn't that be a novel idea?).

They didn't come out of their plastic shells without me whacking them on the counter half a dozen times and squeezing them until I thought they'd never return to their original shape.  Should I have sprayed the Eggies with cooking spray before I cooked them? 

Maybe I'll go on youtube and find the commercial and see how they do it.  But if it's anything like the infomercials from years ago, it will probably show a ditsy lady peeling eggs like she was on cocaine, RedBull and meth all at once, hands flailing like she was being attacked by hornets,  eyes rolling back into her head and egg shell flying everywhere, finally giving up with a loud "huff" and positioning her hands on her hips with a sigh.  Then enter Eggies, stage left.  

Wait a second.  That IS what I look like when I'm trying to peel eggs.  Shit.

After all was said and done, they did make perfectly acceptable egg salad.  I'm not sure I'll continue using them as I'm not crazy on the idea of heating up my food in plastic vessels, let alone plastic vessels manufactured in China.  

But who knows; if I don't manage to find another way to peel eggs I may just continue subjecting myself to funky chemicals leaching into my food just as long as I get my egg salad fix. 


  1. What will they think of next??? I did some research myself (now that you got me thinking about it, darn you) and the 'egg' central site said I was doing it the right way. Hmmm. I will be hardboiling a dozen Easter Eggs this weekend, so we'll see.

  2. You are so funny...We must've passed each other by in Hell cause I was also cursing at peeling some "fresh" HB eggs the other day. The older the better, IMHO. I hit more than I miss though so I don't loose any sleep over it.

  3. I JUST found this online when doing my daily article reading.... Maybe it will help? I doubt it, but I still thought it was perfect timing...

  4. Sorry if you heard me impolitely burst out laughing when the picture of your "eggie" hard boiled eggs came up on the screen. But, as you say, they would be okay in any application where you chopped them up (egg salad, here we come) so they were unrecognizable as hard boiled eggs.

    You have such a wonderful sense of humor, CR. There are many people who would be in tears going through the difficulties you've had hard boiling eggs. When the world goes to hell in a handbasket, I want to be in your handbasket.

  5. Funny looking but I bet they tasted good :)

  6. I'd try the cooking oil for sure. I had to go back and read your part 1 post, but as the others said, I usually do just fine with older eggs. I find eggs a boog-a-bear for sticking to things. Dan loves poached eggs but I hate how they stick to the pan. When I freeze eggs they stick to the ice cube tray. The spray works well freezing in muffin cups though.

  7. My hubby's grandpa would boil his eggs and them take a spoon and go around between the egg and shell and scoop out the egg. It works if your not really caring what the eggs look like. I guess it's not that bad. lol

  8. The Eggie eggs look about as cratered as your hand peeled ones! I think I'd pass on boiling my eggs in plastic, just sayin'...

  9. I seem to remember someone saying to soak them in salt water then put into boiling water (for regular store eggs they usually recommend starting them before the boil) but who knows, I'm sure you've tried it all LOL! Also I heard something about vinegar I think but maybe I'm mixing that up with something else hahaha. I can't wait until you find the best method and let us know, it's a real pain when you have to boil and peel many at a time!

  10. Somehow I missed your hard boiled eggs part 1. I see you have not used all the suggestions. The one given by My Freezer is Full is nearly like the one I use. I don't use salt and I boil my 14 minutes. Any less they will not peel right. Last I leave my in the ice cold water for about 15 minutes before peeling. Not only will they peel the shell will slide off. This works with any egg even one right off the nest. I have used some I just gathered and it worked.
    They can be put in the refrigerator and will still peel.

    A couple of weeks ago a lady that buys eggs from me was having the same problem peeling eggs as you. She wanted to know how I did mine. When she came back to get more eggs she told me it worked like a charm. No more wasted eggs.

  11. Late to the game, but I did write an article on just this subject for a food zine. Older eggs as suggested, no salt, bring to a hard boil, turn off heat and allow to sit 30 mins. Plunge into ice cold water and cool for a few. That's the short and sweet of how I do mine.

  12. If you want an egg salad sandwich just poach the eggs and mash them up...then you don't have to worry about the shell or plastic chemicals...and if you want to devil them, poke a small hole in the egg carefully not piercing the membrane and that will allow air into the shell for easy pealing...but that is not for every day as it is quite time consuming.

  13. Susan, I DREAD Easter now. It's either homegrown hardboiled egghell or store bought eggs. Still not sure which one yet.

    tami, I thought I heard you cussing a few days ago!

    Tiny Gardener, the serendipity of blogging buddies :)

    Mama Pea, I WAS in tears! And a LOT more swearing than I'd like to admit. Hopefully Rhiannon didn't pick up any of it.

    Nancy, OH SO Good! I already want more.

    Leigh, I didn't think about poaching them and then using them for egg salad. Maybe I'll try that first as it sounds easier than peeling.

    SFG, My great aunt used to do that too! Maybe it's an "older generation" egg-thing?

    Candy, what? Don't you want BPA's with your lunch?!? How un-American :)

    Erin, as soon as I get the egg-peeling down, you guys will be the first to know!

    steakandeggs, I think I'll try your version first as I don't have any old eggs.

    Phelan, the problem is that the eggs never make it long enough in the house to become "old". I'd have to hide them, and then I'd probably forget about them until like, say, December.

    City Sister, Definitely going to try the poached egg thing; maybe even tomorrow afternoon as I'm already jonesing for egg salad again.

  14. Hope you go back and check for older posts - found this yesterday and tried it today - worked like a charm. Check it out: Craziest thing I've ever seen but it actually worked for me.