Friday, April 27, 2012

Auction for a Blog Buddy

Bad things happen to good people all the time.  It's just part of life.  It sucks, but it's life.  But there are ways we can help and here's my little attempt at combating the "bad" with some "good".

I would like to host a blogging auction to raise a bit o' the green stuff for SciFi Chick over at Bacon and Eggs.  She and her truck found themselves in quite a mess last week and although she thankfully came out of it mostly unscathed, the truck did not, and her and her husband are now without transportation.  Which isn't too bad if you live in the city or the 'burbs, but they live out in the boonies.  Kind'a makes it difficult for her to get her daily morning cup of Starbucks double-frappe-cacao-supremo and she's getting REALLY cranky now.  (If you don't know me by now, or SciFi....I'm joking).  Anyways...... 

If you haven't found your way over to her blog, might I suggest you do so?  She's a fellow homesteading, freedom-loving, not afraid of getting down & dirty chick and needs a little helping out and cheering up.  Since she doesn't seem one to be doing any asking for herself, I'm going to do it so she doesn't have to.  And even if you aren't in the position of helping out financially, give her blog look-see and say "Hello"! 

Oh yeah, the "good" part.  I have up for auction one gently-used copy of:

Carla Emery's "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" (9th Edition).

So not only are you helping out a fellow homesteading chick, but you'll be getting an 858 page book chock-full of "Practical advice, invaluable information, and collected wisdom for folks and farmers in the country, city, and anywhere in between."

Rules for the Auction:

Open to US residents only

Bidding starts at $10 (a great deal for this book, BTW).  
Bids must be made on the comment form on this post.  
Bidding ends in one week (Friday, May 4th at Noon CST).  
Highest bid will be the winner and must then send the winning amount to SciFi Chick via her "Donate" button on her blog (it's small and somewhere on the right side of the screen, but it's there!).  
I will then send the winner the book.
Winner will receive book, and say, "Yippee!"

Good luck, and happy bidding! 


  1. I'll try to get things started by opening with $10. Hopefully it'll just keep rolling from there.

  2. Thanks for sharing their story. I've now been to their blog and a few others that wrote about them. What an amazing blogging community we have, and it is so awesome to see that people can pull together when a friend needs it, even if they have never met in real life. Thanks for offering this book for auction. I'll continue the bidding with $12.

  3. Did you mean Friday, MAY 4th, I assume? I'll go for $15.00! I could really use that :)

  4. Carolyn if you're including shipping to me as part of your end of this gift, I'll up my bid to $17.76.

    *** Folks this is a 5 star rated book on Amazon and costs at least this much, if not more for the current edition. This particular edition (looks like the 2003 version) is selling for $70-$95 because it has been replaced by a newer edition that isn't quite as highly rated.

    1. Yes, shipping is included. Basically, you pay SciFi Chick and I pay to ship it to you (or the winner, that is)!

  5. Wow! Carolyn, You are awesome. I just want to say thank you. This is an amazing community and I am blessed to be a part of it.

  6. Carolyn, you're a sweetie for doing this auction.

    We have Carla Emery's original printing of this book from way back when . . . when she printed the pages off on a mimeograph machine as she got them written. We used it and didn't take as good care of it as I now wish we had.

    My allowance envelope can afford a bid of $25.

  7. i'll go with 29.95 as that seems to be the right number - bahahahah! i think it is an awesome book, i think that you are awesome for doing this for that's my bid! i hope no one outbids me...


  8. This is a very generous thing you are doing! I was given this book as a gift recently (woo hoo!) It really is awesome. Anyways, since I don't want in on the auction, I just left a donation over at their blog.

  9. Ditto, Hoosier Girl - I have said book in my library, but I'm heading over to SciFi girl's blog to donate. You are such a big softy.

  10. Just checked her blog and looks like things are a little better for SciFi and her husband!
    $40 donation made for the book - let me know how to get you my mailing address :) tammy bowers 1 gmail

    1. Just posted the "Winner" post! Thank you so very much! Will email you shortly!

      And THANK YOU to EVERYONE that participated!

    2. Just emailed ya Tammy. But was the "1" supposed to be an "@" in the email address?

  11. sorry - I'll try it again :)