Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm a Winner, He's a Winner, She's a Winner......

....We're a Winner, wouldn't YOU like to be a Winner, too??  (Hey, that's kind'a catchy.  Maybe I can sell that little jingle to somebody?  Or maybe get sued.)

Lisa over at Spring Peeper Farm hosted a giveaway a while back and guess who was the winner?  None other than ME!

Earlier in the week I received a well wrapped package in the mail.  Actually it was Paul that retrieved the mail that day and he asked what the heck I bought because he was hit with an overpowering scent of "dirty old hippies" when he opened the mailbox.

Not that "dirty old hippies" smell bad, or that all dirty people are old, or that hippies are dirty, or that - hell, that's just what it smells like to me (and apparently to Lisa too!).  And it's a GOOD smell.

So I tore open my package and although the box did not contain actual D.O.H. (dirty old hippies), it did contain a plethora of homemade goat milk soaps:
Thank you, Lisa!!
The heavenly scents of Patchouli, Dragon's Breath and Lavender wafted out of the box.  The box which I still have and keep on my desk to periodically sniff during the day.  The soaps themselves are being toted to and from different rooms of the house so I can enjoy their olfactory goodness whenever I want.

The only drawback to these soaps is that I don't think I'll be able to use them!  Well, at least not for a while.  But when I do, I just may light some musk scented incense sticks, put some Peruvian instrumental music on, slip into the bubble-filled bathtub, light myself up a big ol' fattie and lather myself up with D.O.H. soap!

Or just use them in the shower after a hot and sweaty day in the garden.  But the former sounds much more exciting.

Oh, and if YOU want to be a winner too, stay tuned as I'm going to be hosting a giveaway real soon.  I just have to think of what weird things I want you guys to do in order to enter :)


  1. Carolyn Renee,

    Congratulations on winning the homemade goat soaps. I love the smell of homemade soap and candles. I'll be watching for your give away.
    Take care, have a wonderful day.

  2. Carolyn,
    D.O.H.'s, Do you fall into that 70's aroma ring? After reading your Blog for awhile now, I THINK YOU DO!
    But that's OK, I like HIPPIES and they have some great ideas for the (Runnier Ducks!) Homestead.
    I will keep an eye out for the up coming "give-a-way"! I like it when I win , even if I can't sew. By the way, how is the "Frog" coming a long?

  3. Hey congrats to you! Homemade soap is THE BEST!!

  4. I honestly think the heat and lack of water is getting to you. I hope you blog forever so that I can read your posts. They are treasures. And I cannot WAIT to see what deviltry you come up with.

  5. Sandy, I LOVE homemade stuff....especially smelly homemade stuff!

    Tom, technically I don't remember the hippy-age, but I am quite enamored by the sights, smells and music from that time. And you know what? That frog pattern mysteriously appeared on my desk just four days ago and I have NO idea how it got there!! And's still in the pattern form. Maybe this Winter.

    Candy, giveaways rock! Homemade soap rocks!

    Susan, It's driving me crazynutsinsane, thanks for asking.

  6. Anyone who lives where it is hot, humid and has lots of bugs knows not to use "smelly" soaps or perfumes unless you want those bugs to think you are a flower!! Save them for the cooler weather when the bugs are gone...then enjoy profusely!!