Friday, August 31, 2012

Rain? Only once in a Blue Moon apparently.

Ok, let me start this post with an admission and an apology.

That was it.

Now here is what it was for.

I am being ungrateful - that's the admission.  I know I should be grateful for whatever rainfall we receive in light of our recent droughts (yes, that's a plural).  I should be outside thanking the Lord, the heathen gods, the Morlocks for whatever amount of rainfall comes our way.  But I was hoping for creek-bank bursting, dam filling, ground soaking, aquifer filling deluge.  And that didn't happen.

I feel slighted, screwed, jipped, and even a bit bitter (did you know I was a bitter person??)  An entire stinking hurricane comes straight through our state and all we get is an inch of moisture?!  And I'm sure there are other drought-stricken areas that were praying for rain and got zip out of this.  Tropical Depression?  More like Tropical Depressing.  I blame my heightened and probably over-zealous expectations of sky-moisture on the weatherman.  If there wasn't such a hype about the coming rain, I would have normally been ecstatic about the current weather conditions.

But I do feel a bit guilty for my current inability to be thankful. We have actually had a nice light rainfall on and off since late last night.  As I look out the window right now, the rain has stopped.  Again.  But after all the dire warnings of "Flash Floods" and "3-plus inches" of rainfall expected, I was left, well, longing.

And I'm sorry - there's the apology - for those that were adversely affected by Isaac's moisture and wind output.*  I joke about loving hurricane season as it usually means rain for us, but I can't even imagine having to go through a real (as opposed to fake?) hurricane.

I hope that Isaac doesn't putter out before giving some more of the drought stricken areas some relief.   My laptop has had the regional radar constantly streaming and I am checking it like every thirty minutes as if my diligent surveillance of the green, orange and red blobs of color transposed over a map of the Midwest can somehow change the outcome of weather patterns.  And to think I used to make fun of those "older" people who always had the Weather Channel on their televisions.

In the mean time, enjoy the rain if you're getting any and go out tonight and see the last Blue Moon until the summer of 2015!

* I do not, however, care one lick if Rachel from Cardmember Services had her house washed away in the flood.  STOP CALLING ME!


  1. Boy, I tell you, that Rachael does get around. I think she calls here about 5-1/2 times a week.

    As for the weather forecasters . . . we would do better to stand outside, look at the sky, hold a moistened finger in the air (No, not like that! I mean to check wind direction.), and make our own predictions. Really.

    Sorry you didn't get the rain you expected. :o(

  2. Enjoy your inch of rain, maybe some day some genius will figure out a way to turn the weather on and off like sprinklers or thermostats. I won't see any significant rain until probably mid October. I always want a flower garden that looks like the ones in magazines, but then I check their locations and they are all somewhere in the east that gets summer rains. Oh well ..........

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the blue moon, I will be checking that out tonight ☺ Sorry you didn't get the rain you wanted, we didn't get much either. Not having to water the gardens for one day is a PLUS to me!

  4. Crap, I was worried about that. I too have been anxiously waiting for that storm to get up the Ohio river valley -which they show it is coming- but I fear by the time it gets here it will just be another sprinkle. And it is sooooo dry out there. I think we just need to call it a year and hope for the best next :(

  5. Damn those Morlocks!!! I'm sort of starting to wonder if moisture will ever fall from the skies again. We've had less than an inch all summer here in Denver... which puts our grand total for the year at 5.4 inches (12 is normal for this time of the year.) Everyone without a sprinkler system has pretty much given up on their lawns - which I'm grateful for. We're having the hottest summer ever recorded here too.

    I've been trying to keep the garden watered every day, but it's just suffering from total climate confusion. Most of the plants just went dormant during all the heat, but a few pumpkins had set on before the worst hit. So now that things are "cooler" (low 90's - but hey, I'll take what I can get) the tomatoes and summer squash are FINALLY starting to produce... at the same time the pumpkins are already ready to harvest. It's just screwy.

  6. Sorry about the rain, or lack thereof. :( We have one weather "guy" who is always overly optimistic about the rain chances too.
    Love your blue moon picture! Hubby was looking at it this morning saying "It isn't blue at all!" LOL!!

  7. I've been a little frustrated by our forecasters up here, too, who keep holding out the tantalizing promise of rain that never actually materializes. So now I don't bother hoping - I just go ahead and water!

    I so enjoy my visits to Krazo Acres - your sense of humour is exactly what the doctor orders! (And at the risk of sounding a little odd, thanks for introducing me to the word "chigger". I had to look it up, and when I did a Google Image search I found out it was exactly what had bitten me a few days earlier. Ick! But thanks for solving the mystery!)

  8. Can you imagine being wrong that many times and STILL having your job?? I can't - they'd have thrown my fanny under the bus a long time ago. We are supposed to get what's left (hardly anything, I'm sure, by the time it makes its way up here) on Tuesday. I've used up my rain barrel and am giving up on the tomatoes. I'm so glad I don't watch television - I'd be too tempted to throw something at the weatherpeople.

  9. Glad I'm not the only ungrateful biddy around. ;) We were promised the 3+ inches of rain, heavy rainfall Monday afternoon, flash floods..the works. But the Sun. Came. Out. and it was Frickin' HOT and HOOOOMID. We did get a little rain...during the market on Tuesday. *sigh*