Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last day for giveaway!

I'll have Rhiannon pick the name of the lucky winner of The Education of Little Tree tomorrow morning, so if you haven't already, submit your entry either HERE or on this post.

You get one chance for just saying you'd like to enter, and another bonus chance if you can think of a funny cat story or joke.  Apparently there aren't that many cat jokes around, never really thought about it before.  Wonder why?  My cats are doing funny shit all the time.  Running around like crazed madkitties when they get a plastic bag handle stuck over their heads.  Frantically trying to run away from the poop stuck to their back end.  Attacking unsuspecting pooches stuck with whoopee collars on their heads.  Oh, sorry.  That would be Susan's cat.  Although I'm not quite sure what a whoopee collar is, I'm assuming it's one of those funnel like collars that prevent dogs from licking / chewing at a spot on their body.

And speaking of funny cat stories, there is one that I go back to over and over.  It's The Tale of Vent Kitty.  I almost pee'd myself when I first read this.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Oh my word! The story of vent kitty is the funniest thing I think I've read in a long time!! She looks suspiciously like my Ruby cat who showed up as a stray and had kittens under the porch. I sure am glad she didn't know about vents!! LOL!!
    I don't want to be entered for the drawing but I'll share what Bob cat does to his mom Ruby. Whenever Ruby is using the litterbox, Bob hides around the corner and waits for her to come out and then he pounces on her! Bad Bob, bad kitty!!

  2. Love the story of vent kitty - cracked me up the first time I read it and still makes me laugh. I am currently the keeper of one dog (James) and one cat (Squeaker). Squeak was adopted from a local animal rescue shelter. They had very little information on her but I couldn't resist her squeaky little meow so she came home with me. She spent her first 6 months hiding under my bed, refusing to come out and socialize at all. In the 5 years she's been with me I've lost her two "sisters" to old age so she's become the lone cat of the house. Enter James. James is a shiba inu and has been with us since he was about 10 weeks old. I was petrified that I was going to have a cat return to living under my bed. What I got was a cat who has been a mother to this dog from Day #1. People who don't believe me get treated to the video evidence of her giving him a bath. It's completely hilarious and completely adorable. If I ever figure out how to load the video up and link it, I'd love to share.