Monday, August 20, 2012


As my random number generator (Rhiannon) is still asleep, I resorted to assigning everyone a number (you got two numbers if you submitted a cat story/joke) and did the online version of Rhiannon picking a name out of the hat.

Lucky number six was the winner!  Come on down and claim your prize!

Oh, yeah, number six would be Mama Pea!

Shoot me an email at carolynrenee at centurytel dot net and I'll have Paperback Swap send your book to you!

Congrats to Mama Pea, and thank you all for entering and sharing your kitty stories!

See you all later, I'm off to do nothing the rest of the day! (rolls eyes)


  1. Yay, Mama Pea! Carolyn Renee, where do you find these cat pictures? They are the greatest! Don't choke on your bon bons...

  2. Wowee! Yippee! Hip-hip-hooray! I've always wanted to have a copy of this great book for our library. Everyone should have a copy of their own. (Unless you hate the book, of course, and then you wouldn't want it.) Yep, I read it years ago (it was recommended by Helen Nearing) and now it will be officially on my reading list to (re)read this winter.

    Have a great day doing nothing. (Chuckle-chuckle, you silly girl you!) And thank you, thank you!

  3. Congratulations to Mama Pea!! :)

  4. Congratulations to Mama Pea!!!! :-)

  5. Congrats to Mama Pea. I must say, Carolyn, that *you* and *Mama pea* are two of my fave bloggy people - so I'm glad that she won!!

  6. Susan, I just type in "funny cat pics" in the search engine. You wouldn't believe how many come up! I could look all day :)

    Mooberry, Thanks! You're making me blush! You're one of my favorites also. Although I have to admit, I sometimes don't comment on yours (or others) if I have something non-profound to say as I occasionally feel like I'm stalking people! Weird, hugh?