Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's gift 100 days in the making

Look what Rhiannon & and I planted this afternoon:

Brussels Sprouts!  Rhiannon and I are both avid Sprouts of Brussels fans.  And hopefully, if the weather cooperates, if the rains fall from the sky and if the planets are in alignment, we will be munching on our very own crop of miniature cabbages come the beginning of June.

These seeds were from my dear Susan (no, not the cat. that would just be....weird) and we planted an entire tray of them.  So now we're just waiting for their little seedling heads to pop out of the trays.  There were enough in the packet that I'm also going to plan on a fall planting.  I've never grown Brussels sprouts so this is going to be a first here on the farm.  With thirty-six potential plants, I wonder if we'll just be total gluttons and eat Brussels sprouts for breakfast, lunch and supper or if there will be enough to freeze.

We'll find out in a hundred days!

Thanks again, Susan!  I've got your peach and ground cherry seeds in an envelope and another two seed requests just waiting to drop in the mailbox.  And if my other seed-hungry blogging buddies haven't already done so, shoot me an email with what seeds you'd like.  If you're quick I can get them out with this batch.

Spread the seed wealth :)


  1. What a great Valentine's celebration; plant something green! LOL. I've got a hankering to plant something myself.

  2. Ah yes, the planting of the seeds. What a great reminder that spring hopes eternal or something like that!

  3. I am not a fan of burssel sproutes. I bought some once and cooked them....that was the last time. I like cabbage in all forms so was surprised I didn't like them.

    All gardening ventures these days seem to require everything in its proper place to be successful.

    1. gld - Like so many things, fresh out of the garden is soooo different than anything you can buy in the store. (Unless, of course, you bought your Brussels sprouts from a farm stand.) I, too, have had purchased ones and they were BITTER and just yucky. Nothing at all like ones from the garden. Maybe you and I should go together and visit Carolyn's garden in June? Shhhhhh . . . ;o}

  4. Oh, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy! My Brussels sprout crop won't be ready until OCTOBER. Not that I've even thought of planting my little BS seeds yet. Yours should be ready in June, huh? If I didn't know you were such a good shot, I'd consider making a raid on your Brussels sprout patch and gobbling them all up!

  5. I do be lovin' me some Brussels sprouts! I haven't tried growing them though. It seems every.single.time. I plant something in the Brassica family, I get invaded by aphids.

  6. My brussel sprouts plants are the only thing still standing in the garden. I'm going to harvest some today :) I had a pitiful Fall garden this year everything died from the cold before they were ready to harvest and what the cold didn't kill my chickens annihilated :/

  7. Ah, but Black Susan told me to send them - during one of our midnight mind-meld sessions. Now, THAT would be...weird. :) I hope they flourish and provide you and the cute peanut lots of sprouts!