Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seed Swap Brainfart

I got a request from a blog follower requesting some seeds from the Seed Swap tab listed on the top of my blog.  And although I now have her address & requested seeds, I have lost the addresses for Kelly and her list and probably another one or two bloggers.  My email box mysteriously "emptied" a few weeks ago and I have yet to figure out how to find them.

So hopefully those of you who have asked for seed will see this and can forgive me for not only my lack of computer savviness but procrastination in getting them to you earlier.

If you would kindly re-send me your seed requests and mailing address, I PROMISE I'll get seeds to the post office at the end of the week (when we thaw out).  Check the Seed Swap tab for what I have and for my email address and please put "seeds" in the subject line of the email so I know it's not somebody trying to sell me Viagra or tell me I need to claim an inheritance from Abdul in the Middle East.

Spring is coming!  Really.  It is.


  1. And, so. Is the seed swap tab gone? I think I wanted peach seeds. Didn't I? Hmmm.

  2. No, it's still up there (scrolls up to make sure)....yep, it's there. Peach seeds, check! What else you want? Because if you don't tell me I'm just shoving random seeds in there AND not telling you what they are! Bwaahahahah!

    BTW, we got the Liberty Brussels Sprouts yesterday afternoon & I have the tray out on the countertop, ready to shove them in there! Thanks :)

    1. And ground cherries! (Found the tab - must have been blinded by the poptart kitties....)

    2. Those cats are rather eye catching :)

  3. I'm emailing you right now ☺