Monday, February 3, 2014

The Persimmon Doesn't Lie

Local folklore has it that if you split a persimmon seed in half ( know, the difficult way), it will tell you how severe the upcoming winter will be.  If there's a knife inside, it will be a bitter cold winter, if there's a spoon/shovel inside be prepared for lots of snow, and if there's a fork inside you're lucky and will have a mild winter (apparently the fork represents good eat'n).

We've done this several years now, and the 'simmons (as Rhiannon calls them) have been pretty much on spot.  This year we got a spoon four out of five seeds.  The fifth one was "kind'a" fork-like, almost like a spork.
Spoons. Definitely Spoons.
Fork?  Spork?!
I was hoping that the spork seed would mean "kind'a good eat'n", but apparently it was more shovel/spoon than a spork because this is what we got yesterday:

This is our third major snow this winter.  Need I mention that we were working outside just this Saturday in the mid-50's weather?  And on top of our 3-4" of snow we're supposed to get some more snow & freezing rain with temps in the upper 20's to lower 30's....meaning it will be a mess for the next week at least.

So I suppose it's good that Pickles and Lily didn't end up taking their first breeding go-around because not only would I have to put goat coats on the kids, but I'd have to look into fitting them for ice skates.


  1. How in the world did I miss that little bit of folklore?? I swear your posts are the most interesting around the blogosphere! We are bracing for a foot of snow from Tuesday night through Wednesday afternoon. Snow Day!

  2. Dang, that's a lot of snow! You guys stay warm!!

  3. Fascinating! We got 1" today, and then will drop into the low 20's, brrrr. 9 for tomorrow morning...

  4. Hey, I'm happy to announce we almost hit 20° above zero today! I swear (but not with really bad words) we haven't seen it that warm since October!

    Amazed that you guys are getting so much snow. Good thing we didn't retire to the Ozarks where the livin' would be easy year 'round! ;o}

  5. We're supposed to get another round tomorrow. And they're hinting about next week already. Personally, I'm done with winter!

  6. Carolyn,

    Now I've learned something new. I had never heard of this old folklore.

  7. We had all spoons here :)
    This Winter is too much!!! I'm ready for Spring/Summer!!!!!!!!