Sunday, October 21, 2012


I was informed  by Paul that it is called "Muzzle Loader" and not "Black Powder" season. 

Oh, and exactly what season?  Technically, there are several critters on the Open Season list, but this is what he got yesterday:

Rhiannon made it clear that we were going to eat him with a side of french fries.  Hey, why not?  Although we're still not at that point yet.  It seems to be taking an inordinate amount of time to process this bugger.  No processing photos though.  Again, you're welcome, Mom & Christine.

Once cut away and cleaned up, the front legs were rubbed with seasoning, wrapped in aluminum foil and put in the oven for several hours to slow-cook.  Tenderloins and backstraps carefully removed, cut into manageable hunks and all but one tenderloin put into the freezer.  I boned the back legs, got the hams free, cut up ribs, neck and all the other stew/burger meat, then packed almost everything into the freezer.  We were exhausted by the end of the day.  Paul had to keep from nodding off during our traditional "First Taste" of tenderloin medallions sauteed in olive oil, garlic and salt.  Wow, was that good.

Today we'll take the burger/stew meat out of the freezer this to defrost it a bit then run it through the meat grinder; it's easier to do it when it's semi-frozen.  

Paul is currently picking apart the cooked front legs.  It will be chopped up and put it into the freezer for quick meals (like BBQ sandwiches, oh yum!) and the ground meat will go back into the freezer also.  I'm going to can the stew pieces and maybe cook the hams to run through the meat slicer for sandwich meat.

Got to get back to the kitchen!


  1. What a beautiful animal!!! Great kill Paul :-)
    Carolyn, you have your hands full with processing this
    big guy. It's great to fill up the freezer with meat
    for the coming winter. My hubby goes out next month, I'm hoping he comes back with a big buck for the freezer too.
    I love the picture with Paul and Rhiannon. Give Rhiannon a big hug. Have a great day.

  2. Nice healthy lookinb buck, congrats on filling your freezer. Love Rhiannon helping hold it up for the picture.

  3. Congrats! I keep running out to the hubs telling him what is going on in the Ozarks!!! We are building our goat barn so no hunting around here, and it seems like all the squirrels disappeared once I decided they were on the menu, maybe next year ☺

  4. What a lovely buck! And what a great feeling to have the freezer full of meat.

  5. Nice one Paul! Any plans to make sausage from it?
    Also glad to see Carolyn removed your leg chains and let you out of the barn :-)

  6. Wow, he was a nice one! Sounds like a nice freezer full of the good stuff! :)

  7. Peggy, Yum yum YUM indeed!

    Sandy, good luck to your hubby!

    Tombstone, thank you :)

    Kelly, I swear that those squirrels are psychic sometimes, you just *think* about plinking them & they're gone!

    Judy, why yes, Fullfreezer, a Full Freezer is a great feeling :)

    Mike, Ha. Funny. But yes, we've already made breakfast sausage and Italian Sausage is on the "next" to do!

    Candy, He was a pretty buck, I actually hate to kill them as there are TONS of does around here. Unless it's the only thing I come up on, I'd rather have a doe. Guess I'll have to wait for MY turn.

  8. Sounds like you are one very handy butcher and preparer of venison, oh, Talented Lady! Wish I was as competent in that area. How did you learn?

  9. Last year Dan promised me some venison, but we never got it together. Or rather he didn't. Your making me hungry for venison all over again.

  10. Good job!!!! I be over for dinner! Lol

  11. Like money in the bank, nicely done!