Saturday, October 6, 2012

What's wrong with this picture?

Now if you said to yourself, "Myself, why is there a watermelon on top of the wood stove?"  You wouldn't really be the only one wondering that.

I too wondered at the oddity of eating a watermelon (picked from the vine not three hours ago) while it's cold enough in the house to justify starting up the wood stove.

We're expected to get down to 32 degrees tonight, so I did a last-minute walk through the gardens and pulled anything that I didn't want frozen:

The watermelon (no, it did not stay on top of the stove) wasn't really totally ripe, but Rhiannon and I ate some anyhow.  The melons went in late this year, then the heat must have cooked all the flowers (there were tons of them on the vines) so we only got three watermelons and three cantaloupe.  And if it wasn't going to get down to freezing tonight, I would have kept them on the vine hoping for some more ripening time.  Oh well.

So now I have a crapload bunch of green tomatoes that I have no idea what to do with and a bag full of hot peppers that I have to do something with.  I made green tomato chutney last year, but Paul didn't care for it (and I still have three small jelly jars of them sitting in the pantry).

Anybody have any recipes for green tomatoes?


  1. set them in your window sill and let them ripen or on a table that gets lots of sunlight. They will slowly ripen and you can continue to have fresh tomatoes for awhile. Green Tomato Pie and fried green tomatoes are yummy.

  2. wrap individual green tomatoes in newspaper or place in brown paper bag to ripen and make green tomato relish also known as chow chow(I don't make it with cabbage) green tomatoes, sweet red and green pepper, onion, vinegar, sugar, pickling spices,when you open a jar to eat it mix a portion with mayonaise or salad dressing(put spices in cheesecloth discard after cooking)

  3. I posted a link to a recipe for Green Tomato Salsa last year from Farmgirl Susan at Farmgirl Fare. It tastes like the salsa verde made from tomatillos, not sweet at all and you can vary the heat by the amount of hot peppers you add. It is very, very good! :)
    Teresa at Eden Hills' Farm recently posted a recipe for a Green Tomato Spice cake with a cream cheese frosting too. I haven't tried it yet but she said it got rave reviews from her family and it looks yummy!

  4. I make a hot sauce with the green tomato puree in place of the red tomatoes in the recipe. It has a different tanginess that you dont get with the regular. I like to use the green hot peppers in there too and it is the most lovely shade of lime.

  5. I would make chow chow! It's soo good on top of chili! I also just bought myself a pie cookbook that has a fried green tomatoe and cheese tart in it. I haven't made it but it looks interesting!!! Quite a haul you have there! I hope these cold spells end, I am just starting to get tomatoes on the vine and it's a booger to cover my garden every night!!!

  6. No good ideas for you for the green tomatoes, but I loved the picture of the watermelon on top of the wood stove. (That was just so wrong!)

  7. I let my green tomatoes ripen slowly on the counter under a light and then throw then into pasta sauce with some canned tomatoes...