Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farmish Nuances

Hey honey, would you mind passing me that bucket of chicken?

So.  Did images of a cardboard tub filled with fried chicken pop into your head?
Or did you envision something more along the lines of this?

How about putting on your boots to go out?  Do you think of these:

.....with the intention of going into town for dinner, a movie and some dancing?

Or these:

.....because you don't want to ruin the only semi-good pair of shoes you have with runny chicken crap?

How about going into town to pick up chicks?  This:

Or this:

Can you imagine if you (a farmgal/guy) were overheard talking to another farmgal/guy at a city restaurant about having to slaughter the kids over the weekend because you didn't want to deal with them anymore?  Or the shocked looks you'd get from city-menfolk when you were discussing castrating the bull calves?

Have you ever had any misunderstandings caused by the misinterpretation of farmish lingo?  If so, please share so we can all enjoy your story!


  1. No, I haven't had a conversation that ended this way. But I would love to read other stories/posts of this nature.

  2. Oh my gosh, I would talk about raising chickens at work and get the oddest looks! After we got llamas, people thought I was crazy... and one almost quit talking to me, she thought I had become so strange!

  3. Imagine talking farm lingo while putting fake nails on someone. Yep, that's what I use to do. hehehehe. I had to make sure all the dirt was gone from under mine. lol

  4. When in Grad school we lived on a farm. Raised nags, pigs, goats, garden, and a landlady. Used to talk often about our kids and the chores around them...you know neutering them, feeding them, and later cutting and gutting, and finally how wonderful they were barbequed.

    One day at university one of the department secretaries asked about our kids, not knowing we were farm oriented. Without batting an eye, my bride, Reddie, told her the kids were now in the freezer, what we had not barbequed.

    Alas, the poor dear was shocked beyond words. We were talking kids, she was talking children.

  5. I LOVE "going into town to pick up chicks!!" ROTFLMAO!!
    But I must ask, WHY were there two chickens in a bucket?!?
    Luckily, most of the people we talk to anymore are also country folk! :)

  6. Hahaha! That was awesome! That would be an awesome conversation to have here in the city... People would pee their pants out of fear of us!

  7. Love!! We were just talking about something the other day that would have fit so nicely in this post...but I can't remember what it was. It had something to do with butchering the pigs...ah, cripes. Well...if I think of it, I'll post it here. In any event, you made me chuckle this morning. City folks just don't get it. :)