Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Ahead

Yeah, I know, what an original blog post for the day, talking about what everyone else in the country is talking about....the dreaded Daylight Savings.

I'm sure that many of you harbor the same resentment of this "Spring Ahead" b.s. that I do.  Although I do not resent the coming of Spring and warm weather and green things, I detest the loss of an hour of sleep.

There is no "saving" of daylight anywhere but in the minds of some dipstick bureaucrat that thinks that taking away an hour of my light in the morning and giving it back to me in the evening is doing me a favor.  Typical government program.  I'm half surprised that the IRS hasn't found a way to tax me for the "income" of an additional hour.

But since it seems that we're stuck with this bi-yearly messing with our clocks, I may as well enjoy it and focus on the fact that it's still light outside at 6 pm now.  More (ha!) time to get all those evening barn chores finished.

What did YOU do with your "extra" hour of daylight?


  1. I think I have a harder time with the Fall Back than the Spring Forward but I will say that it gets harder to adjust the older I get.

    Maybe that's why older folk move to Arizona. They don't adjust the time out there. Or so my Mom tells me.

  2. Wandered aimlessly around trying to figure out why the heck it was still so light out. :o(

    Obviously, I don't mind the extra light at night, but being a morning person I do NOT like the extra hour of darkness in the morning! (Can't please everybody, can ya?)

  3. I'm with ya, sister!! A completely assinine waste of time (snort). While the extra light at the end of the work day is nice, I, too, am a morning person, so it stinks.

  4. We definitely spend it outside, especially now that the weather is getting nicer. It does mess with my internal clock though.

  5. I tore off the plastic from the windows because with the change in time, the sunlight was blazing at our eyeballs as we ate dinner...and the blinds were behind the plastic we'd covered the windows with. Ah, light. :)