Sunday, March 1, 2015

Twenty Days of......

.....posting things I need to do before Spring.

Yes dear humans living in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox is just twenty days away!  And in anticipation of this glorious astrological event, I will attempt to blog every day until Spring cometh.

I'm not quite exactly sure what the theme of the next twenty days will be.  I was thinking of one of the following:

Twenty reasons that winter really, really sucks.
Twenty reasons I should have moved farther South.
Twenty days of pictures showing green grass, flowers and warm beaches.
Twenty days of pictures focusing on snow blower accidents.
Twenty items only a Northerner could identify. (Think roof rakes and snow shoes)
Twenty days of me cussing at the lack of warmth outside.
Twenty day pictorial showing the progression of the black & blue mark from me falling on the ice.

But then I thought to myself, "Myself...Why so pessimistic?  Why not focus on the good that is to come?  Why not write about how wonderful it will be once Spring has sprung?"

And then I smacked myself because you all know darned well that I'm not that optimistic.  

So until March 20th, I will try to entertain you with pictures of cats peeing ice cubes in the snow:

Or tease you with the promise of the eventual return of warm weather and green things:

Or I will just bitch and moan about how stinking cold it still is here.  My daughter built this snowman on February 17th:

It is still with us, albeit a bit thinner, and it's March 1st:

But the fact that it is still here after twelve days is a chilling reminder that it is still Winter.  


  1. Carolyn, I love you. I don't care what you post about for the next twenty days. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to my face each and every day.

    P.S. Your "squirrel" picture and caption made me think of our 95 lb. Bouvier, Max, we had for fourteen years. He loved winter time and would spend hours (HOURS, I say!) sitting on the highest snow bank he could find outside the house keeping watch, surveying his domain, doing what-the-heck I don't know. One winter he did, indeed, freeze his . . . um, ah, er, . . . delicate parts. Dumb dog.

  2. I ave to admit- I've never seen a snow rake! Used snow shows thought :)

  3. Oh, this could get interesting........