Thursday, August 4, 2011

Black Hole of Aridity

I now have irrefutable proof that there is some sort of moisture-sucking black hole surrounding our property.  There was hope of rain headed our way as I could hear the thunder off in the distance and the sky was overcast.  I checked the radar & alas, there was a small storm system coming and it looked as if we might be smack dab in the middle of it.  A few minutes later it started raining.  Nothing heavy, but enough to make you wonder if you should have an umbrella with you if you decided to venture from the house to the barn. 
Rhiannon wanted to go outside so I threw a play dress on her and her shoes so we could feel the rain on our skin.  Before she could get out from under the porch, the rain stopped to something I wouldn’t even consider a drizzle.  You know, where there’s a big “plop” of rain every here or there, enough to convince you that the sky is still capable of producing moisture, but only as if nature is occasionally hocking a loogie at you.  So little rain falling from the sky that the goats haven’t even bothered to take shelter (and if you know goats, at least mine, they absolutely detest getting wet).  Even the Wicked Witch of The West would have no qualms about hosting a picnic outside.
So I go back into the house to see if I had made a mistake on the radar site and pulled up the wrong area, but alas, it was the correct screen.  And the storm tracks showed rain coming towards us, then magically moving all the way around us, like a big frekking black hole.  And it’s not even like it’s a huge black hole because just a mile or two north & south (and east & west) of us there is rain.
So Rhiannon is playing in the front yard and I am sitting on the porch, typing away.  I guess I technically could be out in the yard, away from the protective cover of the porch roof as there isn’t enough drizzle to make me worry about frying my laptop….but there’s a bench on the porch and I’m lazy.
So I click back & forth from my blog writing to the radar screen, hoping that there will suddenly appear a bright red splotch of radar-rain directly atop our latitude and longitude.
I guess there is some good from this though as it’s only 82 degrees and the sun isn’t scorching the plants. 


  1. Man, oh, man, I feel your pain. I was sitting in the office yesterday with rain pelting against the window, trying to imagine all the nice water soaking into my parched tomatoes at home - 45 mins away. By the time I was 20 minutes from home, there was nada. Not a drop. My neighbor said they got all excited and then there was about 1/38th of an ince of rain. Then it stopped. Gak.

  2. LOL!!! "hocking a loogie"!!!!! OMG, hang on, I need to pick myself and my laptop off the floor!! Oh how I know what you mean, only we don't even get the "loogies"...totally dries up about 10 miles from us...very frustrating....

  3. Errr! You would think with all the threats of naked dancing, Mother Nature would comply just to spare the neighbors the horror! Sorry you got hocked on!

  4. Very funny analogies, the goat one had me convinced about the rain. It sounds like it was probably lighter than the relative humidity!

  5. Susan / BRF, this is just depressing, isn't it? And to think this spring we were at flood stage because of all the rain.

    APG, luckily for my neighbors, they are located close enough to know if I'm doing anything in the nude (and avoid coming by), but not so close as to have their retinas permantly scarred by an up-close viewing of my nakedness.

    ChaiChai, it was dry before so the heat wasn't "as" bad, but now it's going to be hot AND humid. Ugh.