Monday, August 15, 2011

NSA, Week Two

Although I didn’t “buy” anything last week (pat on back), we did have a pretty big expense; a motorcycle tire.  Paul’s been riding the motorcycle to work a lot this year so it really wasn’t a big surprise that he needed a back tire.  Just a bummer that it had to happen this month, you know, when I’m trying to show everyone how we’re not going to spend any money.
Add that to the forty-three bucks to fill up the gas tank, twenty-nine for a monthly prescription and I broke $200 without even blinking. 
The weekly expenditure should have been a little higher because of the stuff we dropped off at the food pantry, but technically we didn’t spend anything.   Instead of grocery shopping, we went into our pantry and “shopped” from there!  A few cases of vegetables, canned fruit, pancake syrup, peanut butter and jelly and we had a nice package to donate.  I really wanted to donate some rice, pasta and sugar, but since we buy all that stuff in bulk and pre-package it, I wasn’t sure if the donation center would take those things. 
Week Two Expenditures
Motorcycle tire: $155.82 (ouch!)
Fuel for car: $43.00*
Prescription: $29.99*
Two stamps: $0.88

Total: $229.69
Or $302.68 if you include exepmted items.
*Not included in NSA


  1. It's hard not to spend money!

    I am doing much better striving to stay out of Walmart for a month and our charge card reflects it.

  2. You're right, just staying out of the Wal-Mart should shave a huge chunk off the homesteading bill. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we come out of after shopping there, but when you do a "No WM" month, it doesn't really seem like anything is missing?