Thursday, August 25, 2011

Farm Mysteries

Christine’s two remaining Silkies (one black rooster and one silver/blue hen) don’t roost in the coop with the big gals.  Instead, they hang out with the goats in the loafing area of the shed at night.  I used to keep them locked up in the kidding pen, but several months ago they were released into the big world of “outside”.  Actually, it was Paul’s idea.  Went something like this:  “Why do you still have those stupid chickens in the pen?” And he unceremoniously opened the door, went in and booted the Silkies out.  Although since then, one rooster went MIA, one almost-grown chick was found dead (possibly smooshed by a goat while sleeping) and one hen was used by Harley as a chew toy.  So I’m not so sure how good of an idea it was to give them their freedom.  But they did need to get out of the pen.  I hate cleaning up chicken poop litter if I don’t have to.
Anyhow.  Since allowing them their freedom, the remaining Silkie hen hasn’t laid a single egg for me….that I could find.  I know she had been laying as there would be an occasional petite egg in the kidding stall when they were locked up in there.   I figured I would eventually stumble upon a large clutch of Silkie eggs during my barn chores one day, but after months of not finding any, I’m assuming that something is eating them, wherever they may be. 
So one evening last week, I scooped her up from her goat-perch and locked her in the kidding pen for the night.  And in the morning she was in the corner, sitting on an egg.  So now I’m not sure what to do.  I don’t want to keep her in the pen again.  Besides having some sort of high-tech GPS / Surveillance system attached to her leg or imbedded into her skin, how the heak do I find out where she’s laying?  As far as I know, she doesn’t leave the confines of the goat pen, so I was assuming her nest would be under the barn, but I’ve never seen her sitting nor any accumulation of eggs.  Maybe the older chickens are eating her eggs.  Got me.
Then last night, I found the teeniest egg in the "big gals" nesting box.  It was even smaller than the Silkie egg.  I haven't cracked into it yet, but either a quail has taken up residence in with our chickens or it's a white-only or yolk-only egg.  We'll find out in a few hours when Rhainnon has her breakfast & I'll let you know.
Barred Rock Egg, Silkie Egg, Mystery Egg

Mooberry Farm and Hard Work Homestead just solved their own Farm Mysteries.  Do you have any unsolved Homesteading Conundrums?


  1. I hate having to solve the issue of finding the eggs. The boys are always excited "It's like Easter!!" No, really. It's not, guys.

    That is one teeny egg! Can't wait to see what turns out to be inside. We've never had an all white or all yolk egg. :)

    And Paul - gosh he cracks me up!

  2. Nice tiny egg! And, thanks for the link. :)

  3. Farm mysteries make me crazy! Like once a calf was in a different pen.....we never figured out how.

    The chickens will lay nothing one day and the next we get 8 eggs! I have never seen a snake or broken shells.

    Good luck with your mystery.

  4. I'm guessing the egg is white only inside. Good luck finding her secret laying spot!

  5. yep, that's one small egg! Maybe a teeny-tiny chicken is inside???? I would like that :-)