Monday, August 22, 2011

NSA, Week Three

Week Three Expenditures:
Ice cream cone for well-behaved girl: $0.53
Thrift store toy for well-behaved girl: $1.00
Oil and filter for Car & Tractor: $42.10
Lunch out w/the Girls: $9.70
Goat Food: $18.30*
Two Round Bales: $90*
Fuel for Motorcycle: $14.93*

Week Three Total: $53.33
Or $176.56 if you include exempted items.
*Not included in NSA
So once again, this weeks portion of no spend month came out to a spendy $86.56.  And that’s not counting the two round bales of hay we found (yippee!!) to tide us over until the big load comes in. 
The only thing I kind’a feel guilty about is the lunch.   Not necessarily because I went out to lunch, because the lady we met was back in town for a short while and I wasn’t going to skip seeing her because of my self-imposed austerity measures.  But I could have just had a drink and called it at that, but the burgers smelled sooooooo yummy and I probably would have bitten off the hand of my girlfriend next to me eating one had I not ordered one of my own.
The ice cream and thrift store toy were definitely not necessary, but darn it, Rhiannon was just so good for Mommy and I couldn’t resist.  How’s that for my rampant and unchecked consumerism? 


  1. I am proud of you! I think you both deserved a little treat. R for being so good and you for being so aware of what you spend. When we went to get the new calf yesterday, we stopped at McDonald's and had lunch to the tune of almost $13.
    I always think how much food I could have prepared at home for that amount. But, darn, it did taste good!

  2. Everyone deserves a treat every now and then...especially after this summer!! Glad you got some time out with friends :-)

  3. Well we wouldn't want ya to hurt anyone for pete's sake! Glad you ordered the burger and saved a friend ;o)

  4. gld, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for McD's french fries. I swear, they must add some sort of drug to them because I just NEED them sometimes! Oh so bad for you but OH SO GOOD!

    BRF, It was nice to pretend to be girly & not a Mom for a little while. Adult only conversation doesn't happen around here a lot! :)

    APG, I'm telling you, I was going to do just about anything for a burger after smelling the greasy grill smells in that joint! Grilled onions, melted cheese......