Saturday, August 27, 2011

Picture Day (or I don't know what to blog about Day)

Just some pictures from this week......
The Barred Rock egg (bottom), Silkie egg (top left) and Tiny Mystery Egg (top right):
The Mystery Egg did have a yolk, but it was broken & not formed properly.

BBQ goat sandwiches:
Pan is still alive, BTW.  That sandwich was from Nettie's doelings.

And our first turnip:
You want me to eat this thing Mommy??

Frog Buddy:
(aka, Common Gray Tree Frog)


  1. Hope th turnips don't attack you like the zukes did!

  2. oooooo! That bbq sandwich looks so good!!!

  3. That's a mighty big sandwich for a little girl!

    I liked the pictures.

  4. Glad you clarified where that oat sandwich came from.. ;) I was thinking there might have been another late night smack down!

    Can't believe how teeny that mystery egg was. Can't wait to find out who it was from!

  5. APG, no the turnip crop is pretty sparce this year. Never grew them & I couldn't make myself thin them out enough. I HATE thinning out stuff!

    Tina, I don't know what we'd do without our digital cameras nowadays!

    Christine, does it look good enough that YOU would eat some??? Hmmmm??

    gld, that was actually Paul's sandwich. I had made rolls sized to the person (tiny for rhiannon), but she insisted on having Daddy's sandwich.

    MT, yeah...he's still alive.