Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have Tomato!

Notice that I did not say, "Tomatoes". 

While it seems that everyone in the entire universe is swimming in tomatoes (Tiny Gardener, Ohiofarmgirl) this is what I have:

Pretty sure it's a Rutgers.  And it's the only fruit on the five plants Paul put into the new garden on the side of the house.  No other teeny-tiny green tomatoes, no other flowers. 

He also planted five more in the "berry" garden and they have yet to produce a single tomato.   These, however, did have plenty of flowers on them.  I was wondering if it was because of a lack of pollinators, but the squash planted just a few rows away from them are going gangbusters so obviously something was visiting flowers.

The other tomato plants that survived the summer heat are red and yellow pear tomatoes.  I like to have the smaller tomato plants around the garden because it's nice to be able to pop one in my mouth when I'm weeding or watering, but I want something I can make a sandwich out of dangnabit!

The pear tomatoes have also been attacked by no less than a dozen hornworms.  Which my chickens refuse to eat (ungrateful bastards).  I've been pruning the worm-eaten branches off the plants in hopes to encourage growth elseware and it seems to be working.  While mowing the lawn yesterday, I saw a huge moth on the side of the raised bed, drying out its wings.  I'm assunming it was a Hawk moth as it is the adult form of the hornworn.  I meant to come back to take a picture, but forgot.  And good thing for it that I did forget because I had not quite made my mind up if I was going to squash it or not. 


  1. Yeah for a tomato!! ....you do have ungrateful chickens! LOL

  2. Hey, you can't blame your chickens - you know what those dang things look like. They are too creepy for food. But that IS a beautiful tomato. Now that you've taken a photo of it, are you gonna have that tomato sandwich? Will it be enough for two?

  3. I'm surprised at your chickens. Ours ate them right up and begged for more.

    I have a hate/hate relationship with the tomato worms and hummingbird moths (what we call them). The moths look neat, but I know what they do, so they are NOT welcome here.

  4. dr. M, you'd think that they would be fighting over something like that, but no, not MY chickens.

    Susan, did you read the post I did about the hornworms making teeth-grinding noises?? Freaky!

    Tina, Yeah, it was probably going to be smooshed. Too bad I forgot.

  5. Well shoot! One sandwich is supposed to last you till next year??? Do you have any farmer's markets around that you could at least get your 'fix' there?

  6. I'm not swimming in tomatoes either. I had a small first flush and then that was it!

    I have been squishing hornworms almost daily.

  7. Our cat had one of those hawk moths. It was about the grossest thing I've ever seen, and nearly as big as my hand. I let the cat have his way with it.