Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cola Cravings

It’s been just over three weeks since NSA started and how are we doing?  Well, Paul is doing fine because he really doesn’t go shopping (or go anywhere), and since Rhiannon has yet to grasp the idea of money, let alone shopping, I’d say she’s doing pretty well.
I, however, am close to cheating again (remember the gotta-have-it-cheap doghouse and lunch out with the gals?).  You see, when I went grocery shopping a few days before the NSA started, I failed to toss an item in my buggy.  Soda.
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m addicted to soda.  And not just soda, but diet soda.  Yes, the cancer-causing, badder-than-bad for you, OMG how can you drink that stuff, diet soda. 
I normally don’t buy more than a couple of 2 liter-bottles every month for me to keep in the house.  Because if I did stock up on soda, I would drink a bottle every other day.  If I get a craving and I’m on the road I’ll stop at the gas station and get myself the biggest super-duper-sized cup they have and fill it up with Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Pepsi.  Even though it’s cheaper to just get the 2 liter bottles, I figure I’ll pay the extra money to get my quick fix and not have the big bottle in the house.  Although, some of those huge cups from the gas station are probably a liter in themselves.
Anyhow, back to ME.  I was planning on buying a few bottles of soda during that last grocery outing but I just forgot to.
Which I suppose is actually a good thing.  I know a lot of my cravings stem from the caffeine in the soda so several months ago I started making iced teas and keeping a gallon on hand in the fridge.  That does seem to help curtail my soda-cravings.
But oh, to have a big ol’ cup of Diet Dr. Pepper after coming inside from the sweltering heat…..what I would give…..
Maybe my Mom will sneak me in a fix on her way to visit Rhiannon one day soon. 
Are you listening Mom?


  1. Every once in a while, I get that craving that only a good "soda" can cure too. Except in these parts we call it "pop". No diet will do though. Give me all the fat and all the real um, errr...high fructose corn syrup?

  2. Kudos to a gal who can admit her addictions. I hope your Mom is listening....Mom? Are you out there? Hint, hint....:)

  3. I totally feel your pain... I have an addiction to diet soda as well, and my drug of choice (Fresca) only comes in cans. I refuse to buy them when they are not on sale, and when I run out, it always seems that they are not on sale for like, a month! It is torture! Pathetic, I know... I am happy I am not the only one out there...

  4. My addiction is Dr Pepper. REAL Dr Pepper...made with honest-to-goodness SUGAR. Which, thankfully, you can still get in Texas, due to the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling. Yes, you pay more...but the taste of an ice cold Dublin Dr Pepper is absolutely worth it. (And in glass bottles, too! Squeeee!)

  5. I used to be an addict. Then I forced myself off - a long time ago. But, every once in a while I get an almost overwhelming urge for Dr. Pepper! So, what IS it about Dr. Pepper? Seems there are a few of us out there - is there an evil secret ingredient? Let's hope your mom is listening/reading. I mean, isn't that what moms are for? Hmmm?

  6. Hi, I'm Scott and I am addicted to Mt. Dew.

  7. Not sure what is is about Dr. Pepper. Maybe because it's not "IN" around here and I can't always get it.

    Hello, Scott. Welcome to SPA (Soda Pop Addicts)! When was your last drink? :)

  8. I can chuckle at all these....that is one food I am not addicted to!; that is another thing altogether.