Monday, August 8, 2011

NSA, Week One

Can you believe that I blew No-Spend August the very first day?  Yep, on August 1st.

I made the mistake of browsing the Trading Post (a free online classifieds for our area) and saw something I just couldn’t pass up and shelled out cash before the first day was even half over.
But, I had a good reason.  Really!  And if I didn’t buy it, I would have spent even more money (and time) building one, so really, I SAVED money.  Convinced?  Me neither.  But I did it anyhow.
So here’s what I got for fifteen bucks and a dozen eggs:

I’ve been meaning to build a little coop for broody hens, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  My thought was that if the broody hen had a place of her own she’d be happier and hatch out more chicks.  The past two times I’ve had hens go broody, they end up getting pestered by the other hens and had lots of broken eggs, because you know, that spot is the only spot in the entire universe where a hen can lay her eggs.
So now all I have to do is make some minor modifications, namely putting in a nesting box and making a door for the opening.  Then when (if) I have another hen go broody on me I’ll move her to the Brooding Birdie Bungalo (BBB).  I’ll place the BBB just outside of the chicken / goat pen so the goats can’t jump on the house and then put up a little chicken-wire run around it so she can raise her chicks outdoors instead of in the barn.
So, have I convinced you that this was a “necessary” expense?  Didn’t think so. 
Guess I’m going to have to stop reading the Trading Post until the month of August is over.
Week One Expenditures:
One really, really nice & cheap BBB: $15
Two 50# bags of goat food: $18.30*

Total: $15
Or $33.30 if you include exepmted items.

*Item exepmt from NSA
Paul's TakeTold you so.


  1. LOL! There's always that one bargain that sneaks up on ya when you aren't looking!

  2. That is an amazing buy for $15! I would have bought it in a heartbeat! I don't think it should count towards NSM. Since you were thinking of providing housing for the broodies in July. Right?

  3. I think that is money well spent! You couldn't built it for that.

    My first thought was it was for the new dog.

  4. Lamb, isn't so much sneaking up on me...I was actively looking! Bad, bad way to start a no-spend month.

    Susan, hmmm, didn't think about it that way, you're right!

    gld, no new dogs. Have two too many right now! But it was too good of deal to pass up, no spend month or not.

  5. Ok, this does NOT count against you. You simply had to have that! I hope it works out for you. And this is one time where Paul's take gets a big raspberry :-P (ok so maybe he's a little right)