Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Studies

It was such a beautiful, Spring'y day that I thought it would be a good idea to have school outside today:

I'm sure you already know, but I absolutely love homeschooling.  Well, we haven't really been "officially" homeschooling for that long, and I'm sure that you'll see future posts from me with the title "I want to pull my hair out" regarding school activities.  But right now, we're doing great.

Not only did we take our school work outside, but we did it on a weekend. Oh, the horrors!  Making my daughter do school on a Saturday.  I'm just horrible, I know.  But Rhiannon doesn't know, nor care, that one isn't "supposed" to be having school on a day that starts with an "S".

But she also doesn't mind, nor do I, that we don't really get started on school projects until the afternoon.  And there was that time, just a few weeks ago, that Rhiannon wanted to do more math at night....eleven o'clock at night.  Heck, why not!

Things seem to even out.  For example, last week's Everyone-Is-Sick marathon.  She went probably five full days without a lick of math or science or spelling because we were all pretty much useless, sniffling, tired slugs.  Our neglect of anything remotely resembling educational instruction for those five or six days didn't require me to drag her to the doctor's office in order to beg for a "Note" to give to the principal in order to justify her excessive absence.  And more importantly, I didn't feel forced into making her go to school.  How many parents make their obviously still-sick kids go to school because they'd have to get an "official" note from their physician?  Just send the kid to school and let him/her spread those germs around.   Nice, hugh?

So we keep our sniffles to ourselves and we keep our homeschooling schedule up in the air...and OUT in the air, weather permitting :)


  1. Some of the very best reasons for home schooling in my book.

    P.S. Obviously, cat and dog are both very much interested in being in on the learning process!

  2. I know what you mean. We get so many days before we have to get a doctor's note, but yes, it's a nasty battle with public school. Don't get me started on standardized testing either. I homeschooled a few of my kiddos (three actually) at one point. I'd be in a pickle if I was homeschooling today however. I do not know a lick about calculus.

  3. Even worse, they send the kids to schools sick because there are not enough vacation days at work to account for all the half day or full days off school, sick days for the kids and yourself. Most of my co-worker come in sick as dogs and spread it all over. I too would have a hard time home schooling when it came to math and some science plus that new Common Core stuff (I phrased it nicely) that the schools seem to want the kids to learn.

  4. Carolyn,

    It's better to have a child home schooled......I think they learn more than being in a public school system.

  5. Great porch, Carolyn! It makes for a wonderful classroom. Fresh air, sunshine and the company of some good friends make for an excellent learning environment.