Monday, August 15, 2011

Householder Haikus - My weekend in poetry

Erica over at Northwest Edible Life did a neat blog today and I'm going to copy it because, well it's neat!  And I didn't have anything else to blog about......

So here's my weekend in Haiku:
My sister feels ill
Gallbladder you’re coming out!
Hope you feel better

Tail feathers a-fly
Damn dog eating my chickens
Anyone want him? (only half joking)
Eggs in the ‘bator
Hope I don’t cook ‘em this time
Want to hear “Peep-peeps”
Driving me insane
Cleaning up the wasted hay
Stupid picky goats
Kitty in the sun
Lizard scurries right by her
Little kitty bum

Chicken, lay in HERE!
Not over there or in that
Hunt is on for eggs
Open up the barn
Ms. Melman and Nugget stare
Waiting for their hay
Wilted leaves and stems
Squash bugs eat’n up the Zukes
Gon’na squash YOU, bug
Bouncing on the bed
Rhiannon please go to sleep!
Is this kid on speed???

Feel free to join in the Haiku Hoedown!  Link send us a link to yours (and link back to us) so we can all enjoy them.

Happy Haiku'ing? (Is that even a word???)


  1. Oh my gosh! So cute! Let's see what I can come up with...

    Dumb Barred Rock chickens.
    Why can't you stay in the fence?
    You will end up dead.

    Crochet is my friend.
    Makes everything better, yes
    More helpful than wine.

    :) That's the best I can do. :)

  2. Great post :)

    Your farm sounds like fun
    Krazo Acres makes me smile
    I enjoy your blog.

  3. I'm honored I was mentioned in your Poetry! Booooo for my gall bladder, Yay for kitty in the sun!

  4. Cute! If only I had a poetic bone in my body!