Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy who?

Ok, first let me start by saying that I hope that any of my blogging friends in Sandy's huge path have weathered the storm without much damage.  And if you have, I pray you are able to get back to normal quickly.

Being so far inland, we haven't had seen a single drop of rain nor much more than a slight rustling of the leaves.  The nighttime temperatures have been in the low thirties for the past few days, but our daytime highs are supposed to be in the mid to upper 60's.  I actually wish Sandy would have graced us with some of that moisture as we are technically still in a drought situation.

But what I'd really like to rant about is the news.  I'll be the first to admit to taking advantage of modern-day weather forecasting advances.....I'm an internet radar junkie.  But "Frankenstorm", "Superstorm", "Storm Crisis"......"We're ALL going to DIE" headlines?  Once again, please don't take it that I'm undermining those that have suffered from the storm, but come on.  The conspiracy half of me says that this is just a wonderful opportunity for the news outlets to distract us from the upcoming train wreck election.  Not that I mind a break in the political crap and I haven't even watched any of the debates online or anything!  But even around our little town, there are "Romney" and "Obama" signs everywhere, not to mention the local political hacks littering the roadsides with their garbage.

It's as if every neighbor is trying to outdo their neighbor by the size and number of "their" candidate's political junk.  My stepfather and the neighbor directly across from them each put up a small sign in their yard professing their loyalty.  Then about a week later, the neighbor two doors down put up a HUGE sign, probably 4' high x 12' long stating where her loyalty lies (pun most definitely intended).....the other candidate of course.

I'm sure there are many, many heated arguments occurring between good friends regarding as to why their choice is best for the country.  But what disappoints me most is the blind, unwavering trust that a person has for their candidate.  You know, the Republican or the Democrat.  Because that guy is going to turn things around.  My candidate truly cares for me.  And if the other guy wins, the country will go down the toilet.  Do you really think your political champion has one iota of compassion for you, personally?  How about doing some real research on the candidates people??

I'd bet my best milking doe that not a quarter of the people who are the most vocal about the election have actually done a lick of research into the candidates.  Their "knowledge" of the politician is whatever they glean from the vicious political ads and what the talking heads have to say on CNN.

What is their voting record?  Have they kept to promises made in the campaigns?  Are there illegal things that candidate has admittedly done, yet hasn't been held accountable for?  And most importantly, are they UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION?

Wake up people.  The country has been going down the toilet for years now.  It doesn't matter one lick if a Democrat or a Republican wins this election; they are two sides of the same coin.  And quit telling people that they are wasting their vote if they decide to vote for someone other than the D or R guy.  Why settle for something you don't believe in, just to spite the other candidate? If you haven't yet noticed that it makes very little difference who's in the White House then you need to do a little more research and think about our elected civil servants more than every four years.

And, for those of you who may be into posting signs in your yard, here's one I created myself (with help from graphic-artist seester, of course!).  Feel free to copy it and litter your yard with them.  Or slap them over your neighbor's poster.  But I didn't say that.

So there's my last political rant for this year.  Well, maybe.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more!!!!!!!

  2. Love your sign! :)
    You are right, the whole "system" is so wacked out that it really doesn't make any difference who wins, but I still vote...

  3. So, we start with Sandy and end up......? I LOVE the sign. I would add "Throw out the Congress" or "Elect Joel Salatin!" or "Shut up and leave me alone!"

  4. All I can say is Amen. :) Well said. I wish you had your own tv show and radio program and internet channel. You. Freaking. Rock.

  5. Well there is still another week of political ads .... my mail box was full of election crap all week, and I already mailed in my ballot over a week ago. Not only that but I live in an area where we have to recycle, and we get charged for it. So they fill up my mail box and I have to pay to get rid of it. (Forget burning, too many no burn days) If they would only put all the campaign money into the deficit then maybe the economy would not be so bad.

    Really feel for everyone in Sandy's path that tried to stick it out ... if gas was cheaper maybe they would have evacuated.

  6. SFG, glad a few people do :)

    Candy, oh, I still vote, although do have to question the purpose of it sometimes.

    Susan, call me scatterbrain. I personally would vote for "Shut up and leave me alone". Why is it that there are people who live for trying to run other people's lives?

    MamaTea, I couldn't have my own show as I am way too hyper when it comes to things like this. Not only would the show be filled with *bleeps*, but I would probably fly off the handle at callers and burst a blood vessel. I also have to tone down these political rants of mine (if you can believe that) as not to alienate every single one of my blog followers.

    Tombstone, As I don't get out that often and we're off the main drag, I actually don't see that many signs and since we don't have tv, I don't see the ads, but what drives me INSANE are the stupid recorded phone calls! I don't know why I even answer the phone. Can you imagine all the money wasted on those ads?!?!

  7. I agree, the whole political system is broken. I've actually thought about living somewhere else, out of the U.S., when I was younger.... I'm just sick of it...

  8. My hubby decided to make a "Vote Cthulhu! The Elder Gods Party... why vote for the lesser evil" sign. Of course, only funny if you are a H.P.Lovecraft fan.

    At least the storm coverage is a change from politics...

    1. Judy, OMG (demi-god, that is. hehe) THAT is classic!! Might have to borrow that next election time comes :)

    2. LOL! It's an "Elder Geek" thing...

  9. Another blogger here in total agreement with you. Well said even though I could feel your blood pressure rising as you were posting. Anyone spending the millions and millions of dollars on a campaign to get elected (and that's not always just for the presidency) has 1) access to way too much money being used in a stoopid way, and 2) an ego so large it makes him/her totally ineffective when in office.

  10. Thank you for your wishes; I feel like I'll never be dry again, but being a couple hundred miles inland, I didn't suffer any damage from Sandy, even though I think the remnants of the eye passed just a few miles from my house.

    And, on the other stuff, I plan on writing in "Ron Paul"...

  11. Agreed on the politics, both parties are bad. I think some (SOME) start out with good intentions and then they get into the plot, willingly or not and have to play it out. My friend's son was in politics this year and the stories he told are amazing. Lying, cheating, illegal activities. We're in for it either way, and soon. Get ready.