Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A little inspirational help

Some of my fellow nutjob bloggers have been suckered into joining the Blog-A-Day for the month of June.  And although there are times when you just cannot get me to shut my howling screamer, there are times when I cannot think of anything profound to share with you.

We're now Day Seventeen into the Blog-A-Day and the number of posts in my "Draft" section of Blogger is getting mighty thin.  Pretty soon I'll just be posting pictures like this just to say I met my post for that day:

So, dear readers, what shall we post about?  Are there any burning questions you've been dying to ask me?  Are there any interesting topics that we could come up with and then make that our official post for a certain day?  Like, "How many ticks do you think I picked off my dog this weekend?" or, "The things my chickens crapped on today", or even "People of FarmArt" (parody of People of Walmart), showing how completely unkempt and disheveled we look after spending the day weeding in the sweltering heat and swatting no-see'ums and mosquitoes?

Any ideas?



  1. In a perverse sort of way, posting a selfie (or having someone else snap a picture) of ourselves at the end of a work day might give others encouragement that they don't look so bad. Or the pics might even encourage a few good laughs. Or exclamations of "Eeuuuw!" Oh, scratch that idea. It would be way too embarrassing on my part.

    I know just what you mean about conjuring up anything "read-worthy" to post each of these (blasted post-a-day) days of June. In reality, that which seems very hum-drum and boring to each of us is probably interesting fodder for others to read. (That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. My boring post #18 coming up later today.)

  2. I will have to think about it. It is quite a challenge to find something interesting to say everyday (or not) - I'm not sure I would be brave enough to post a selfie at the end of my work (two jobs) day. But, then again. I would be interested to know how you and Paul met, and how you came from Big City to Chiggerville. Then you could serialize it and sell the movie rights....

  3. There was a time that I would rather die than to go outside dressed the way I do today. (or yesterday or the day before that) These days I just grab any old grubby tee shirt and a pair of shorts that aren't "really" dirty just yet and hit the floor running. I could not care less.
    I'll admit that when I go to town I try to at least make sure my hair is brushed and I don't look like a wal-mart reject. *sigh* What the heck happened to that girl who would have died of embarrassment if she could only see me now.

    LOL Sorry, I know that was a bit off subject but hey.... you started it! heheh

    1. P.S. Now you see why I wasn't EVEN going to try and do a post a day. I admire all you guys for doing it though. By this time I would be posting cat pictures off FaceBook! heh

  4. How about what are your fondest memories of childhood, or homesteading:)

  5. Ha ha ha! Yesterday was what I call a 3-pair underwear day (when you sweat through 3 pairs working outside in this heat).