Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fifty Shades of Compost

Getting really, really desperate for blogging fodder when the only thing I can think to post about is decomposing matter. Although, it's hard not to think about compost as I'm continually walking around, through, on or over it.  

There's the green compost heap in the corner of the garden where I toss all recently-yanked weeds not fit for caprine consumption:

The golden brown of new wasted hay next to the black of semi-composted hay about to go into one of the larger piles or onto the recently planted sweet potatoes:

And two of the goats waiting to add "material" to the area right in front of the barn:

I usually clean out this spot four times a year and add it directly to the garden beds.  I think I may just fill a few 5-gallon buckets up with the stuff and plant something right in it.  I'm pretty sure Susan said that she was going to plant (or already has) directly into her bucket o' llama beans and I'm wondering if I can do the same.  I know you can't plant right into horse or chicken manure because it's too hot, but has anyone else planted directly into somewhat fresh rabbit, llama or goat "compost"?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. I am pretty sure chicken manure needs to cool off some and also pretty sure Rabbit doesn't. No clue about Goat manure but I do know for a fact Sheep manure doesn't require a cool off period so I would bet Goat doesn't either.

  2. I use our pine shavings from our hens coop, since we use the "deep litter" method. Our garden grows wonderfully! It has a chance to compost a bit before we use it. Really lightens the heavy clay soil...

  3. Ratz! You stole my idea! I use llama beans right out of the llama with no bad results. As a matter of fact, with darn good results. I assume that the same would be true with sheep or goats. Get those beans in the ground! I must have six or seven different compost piles 'going' around the place. Lots of them are just cause I am lazy and made a new one.

  4. No, but we do compost both chicken and goat manure.

  5. I almost did it.... but not really I guess. I have two tomato plants flourishing in the #2 compost bin. Of course they are volunteers so I'm wondering if that counts?