Saturday, June 7, 2014

Green Bean Recipe, Redux

......or, I'm going to use this as an excuse to make this my blog post for the day.  Either way, it's a winner.

But instead of typing the entire recipe over again, I'm going to be a lazy sloth and just link it for you:

You thought that green beans were healthy?  Bwahahahah!  Not when I get to them!  But seriously, the are good.  Like, there's never any leftovers good.  This is my mostest bestest favoritest way to prepare them.



  1. I say the beans spiffed up with the bacon grease ARE healthy. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to function correctly. (That's why fat-free diets don't work.) But it has to be natural fat and bacon grease surely qualifies for that! (Butter, of course, . . . real butter . . . is another natural fat so we don't skimp on that.)

    Stepping down from my early morning soapbox . . . Folks, beans made this way are soooo good. Carolyn came up with a true winner. As I commented recently, I never make our beans any other way now.

  2. I haven't bought canned green beans in years; I am going to now! That is the main veggie our resident GD eats. I bet she will love this; she loves bacon!

  3. Ahh, bacon grease. When I was a child (a million years ago), one of my favorite snacks was hot bacon grease poured over a slice of white Wonder bread. So I'm thinking it would be pretty good with green beans. :)

  4. Everything is better in bacon pancakes were great grandma's cooked in meat grease and flattened Tobin like grapes...still bout the only way I will eat them and add peanut butter and yummy!!!