Sunday, June 29, 2014

"O" is for....

Oppressive: It is "only" eighty-nine degrees outside at ten minutes to seven (pm) and I just came back from feeding the goats.  I normally feed them before six, but figured I'd let it cool down a little more before I went outside to brave the heat.  Silly me.  It's not the heat, but the humidity.  I had actually thought that I was going to stay out after feeding the ingrates to pull some weeds in the overgrown jungle garden.  Silly me.

Overgrown:  My berry garden.

Olfactory Overload: Did you know if you leave a 200 lb. protein tub out in the rain, it will rot?  And smell like something died - no - like something ate something dead then it died and then something else ate the dead thing that ate the dead thing then threw it up into a bucket of putrid swamp water that had been sitting in the sun for seven days.  Oh.  Did I mention that it still weighs 200 pounds and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it?

Orange: My daughter sporting a bright summer dress:

One more day: Tomorrow is the last day of the June Blog-A-Day.  To all of those that participated; Thank you!  Oh, and I'm terribly, terribly sorry.
Sweet Jeezus, it's almost over!


  1. Oh, you poor kid. I cannot function in humidity - thank goodness we don't get that much of it (did I just jinx myself???), but when it happens, I don't move. Love, love, love Rhiannon's sun dress! Such a pretty girl! Hurray for the end of June!

  2. Cute dress! I prefer a dry heat but it's not so green that way...

  3. Congratulations! I didn't know if you would do it or not, but dang! You hung in there with the blog a day. No way in hel... No way I could have hung in there!