Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leave No Bucket Unturned

Yesterday evening while being a slave to my goats starting barn chores, I noticed that one of the black buckets that I just used yesterday for feeding the goat kids had overturned.  So after I had clipped everyone up I went to doling out grain and flipped over the black bucket to pour in the kids' feed.  And out popped a chicken.
Looks harmless enough, but for a certain chicken it was almost
"The Bucket of Death"
Scared me enough that I almost pee'd myself.  There was also an egg under the feed bucket.  While this would normally be just another funny moment on the farm, it was over 90 degrees yesterday.  And when I thought about it, I'm pretty sure that the bucket was flipped over hours ago when I went to feed Studly his bottle.

That hen had been under that black bucket, in the 90+ degree heat for at least four hours.  I'm surprised that she was alive.  And really, I should know better.  I should have flipped that bucket over the moment I saw it.  Or, better yet, just put it away with the other buckets.  I had a similar thing happen a few years ago with a feed bowl in the brooding pen with the baby chicks.  Bowl flipped over sometime during the day and when I went to feed them, flipped the bowl back over and out popped a very sweaty, very lethargic chick.

So, see any upside down buckets, bowls, trays?  Flip them over or put them away.  Learn from my mistake(s).


  1. Crazy Chickens... maybe it was the one that had that experience as a baby?!

  2. It needed a bit of sauna time??? Either that or it just had a death wish. Glad it turned out well!

  3. Carolyn,

    Chicken in a box, jack in the box!!!

    Is there any way to secure the bucket to prevent it from being turned over by the animals?

  4. The Black Bucket Of Death....Never a dull moment around your place, is there? @;)

  5. My question is how the heck did it happen??! I mean usually if a chicken sees something (ANYthing!) the least bit unusual coming their way, they skitter away in a blink.

  6. Great Caesar's Ghost!! (I've always wanted to use that line...) You've really got to be on your toes! I find that chicks in general are always up to mischief - must be that curiosity thing that affects all young beings (and some of us older-but-not-wiser ones).

  7. Dang chickens! At least the egg was cooked enough to eat I assume.