Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sausage Everywhere

I had pulled out a couple of bags of ground pork a few days ago in anticipation of making some sausage and today was Day One of The Great Sausage Afternoon.  Last Fall we made our first sausages using venison, but since we have a freezer full of piggy goodness it made sense that we should try using pork this time.

We made an Italian, Bratwurst and (kind'a) Spicy Breakfast Sausage.  I used the Italian sausage recipe from Mike over at Living Prepared with a few minor adjustments (didn't use the bacon....just couldn't make myself "waste" bacon like that, and I added basil).   It turned out wonderfully yummy and it was difficult not to fry up the entire six pounds and just eat it right there.

Next was a Bratwurst recipe which I got somewhere online.  Paul wasn't crazy about it and although I did enjoy it (two patties worth, to be exact), it didn't really scream "Bratwurst" to me.  Not sure if we'll even bother stuffing them into the hog cases or if I'll just leave it in packages to fry up like breakfast patties.

We had 3 1/2 pounds of ground pork left so I just made a spicy breakfast sausage for Paul.  Don't ask me what the recipe was, it was just something Paul read off the computer & I didn't bother writing down.

The Bratwurst went right into the freezer, the breakfast and Italian sausage is setting in the refrigerator.  Tomorrow I'll package up the breakfast sausages to put in the freezer and we'll stuff the Italian sausages into links.  And then stuff them into our maws.


  1. Don't tell anyone but I would rather eat sausage than bacon for breakfast although I do prefer links to patties. So making sausage is a worthwhile endeavor :)

  2. My mouth is watering! My dear husband is a great fan of sausage and he still talks about one particular batch my mom and I made years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the recipe (Mom was responsible for the yummy-ness of it as she just threw in a bit of this and a little of that) which was a big mistake on my part. Not writing down the some kind of a recipe, I mean. Oh, well. When and if we ever get around to raising some pork again, I'll just come to you for some good recipes!

  3. Carolyn,'s good but prefer BACON!!!!

  4. My stomach is growling right now. Yum.

  5. Hey! Want to trade some of that sausage for dill? There is nothing like making your own - you can get it just right (or close). Do you have one of those sausage-stuffing-thingys?