Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hi Ho Cherry 'O

We haven't had the best of luck with our fruit trees.  We bought eighteen trees four years ago; apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherry.  The two plums ended up being dead, even though the lady said that they were just dormant (Of course, couldn't get a refund.  Never went back there.) so we ripped them out.  One pear tree was eaten by the goats, another we ripped out because of fire blight and the remaining two pears we've been heavily pruning as they have some fire blight this year.  Two apple trees also died the second year along with one cherry, leaving us with a single cherry tree.  I didn't think the cherry tree would fruit because we never put in another one, but we did get a very small handful of cherries just this week:

I thought you needed to have two cherry trees for polination and since we lost the other one I figured we were out of luck until I bought another one.  But we do have wild choke cherry trees around and I'm assuming that's why we were able to get a few cherries.

They were tiny.  They were tart.  But they were all ours.

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  1. You could make a very small, teeny-tiny, wee cherry pie!

    We have a single pear tree that is the surviving one of a pair we originally purchased and planted. It's NEVER had any fruit and I'm sure it's because it needs another one to pollinate it. Apparently, we don't have any wild pear trees around here. (That's for sure!)

  2. That's awesome!!! The cherry tree I planted last year has only one green branch. This year bought three cherry plants from TSC. They died already :/

  3. I have not had any luck with fruit trees, either. My two Italian plum trees are alive, but have not had one blossom or one piece of fruit since I planted them three years ago. The only thing they seem to do is attract Japanese beetles. Celebrate your harvest!

  4. All of my fruit trees have lived although my pears did get what I think is Fire Blight this year and one may die of it. The problem I have is the weather either kills the blooms or the they don't bloom together. I still haven't figured out the entire bloom coordination as some say early bloom and end up blooming late etc.

  5. Can you add me to the list? I'd like to start blogging daily now that I'm off work for the summer. Or did someone else sponsor it?

  6. Cherries is something I want to plant here. Apples too. I'm blessed with a friend that lets me come over and pick all the apples I could ever want in red and gold. Gotta get me some cherries.