Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice

Today marks the longest period of sunlight of the year.  It also means that it's really, really starting to get hot.  Granted, it's not yet "The Month of Sweaty" (i.e. July to Mid-August), but the heat has been creeping up on us.

We are pretty darned lucky when it comes to dealing with the heat and humidity here in the Ozarks because we have air conditioning in the house.  Granted, I tend not to turn it on until either Paul gets home from work (he works outside) or it reaches 83 degrees in the house.  I don't mind it hot, and if Rhiannon or I want to cool off during the day, we can run through the sprinkler or go downstairs where it is significantly cooler.

The animals, however, are pretty much stuck outside so they have to search out the coolest spots they can find.  The goats invariably end up underneath the shed / barn.  Thankfully, Pickles has finally figured out that I'll just let her rot under there before I start hauling her sorry ass out from getting stuck.  

The area under the barn is also one of two favorite chicken hang outs, the other being under the overgrown Forsythia bush:

Outside Kitty (when he hasn't snuck INside) will find himself a little spot under the front porch or in the shade under one of the vehicles:

Charlie somehow manages to jam himself under the porch, although I wonder how much longer he'll be able to do it.  Since I felt a little sorry for him today (and since I had to clean out the freeze), I let him have a frozen hunk of scrap meat:
Nothing like a MeatSicle to cool you off!
Whether you decided to "Beat" or "Enjoy" the heat, enjoy the longest day of the year!


  1. Happy Solstice to you too! I'm pretty sure I was slightly tipsy when I came up with this way to celebrate but every year me and the little one go skinny dipping in the pool. It's silly but we laugh the whole time :))))

  2. Carolyn,

    Happy Solstice.......
    Now it's time to run back through the sprinkler, lol

    I have a bit more grass to cut and since hubby is out of town for work, I need to tackle it. I'm thinking an ice pack on my head under my hat will make cutting the grass easier to tolerate.

    Stay cool any way you can!!!

  3. It's been in the 90's quite a bit up here already and so humid doing anything outside immediately gets you covered in sweat. I went out and cut some of the lower branches off of some large Cedar trees so the cutting crew could lounge in the shade and still have airflow. Located as we are on an upper plateau the wind is always blowing it seems and this time of year is when I am actually thankful for it.