Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm not afraid of Chicken Salad

Strange title, but it's true.  I was, just until fairly recently, afraid of Chicken Salad.

Not afraid like, it's going to mutate into some creature and come running after me or anything, but I was afraid to make it.  I absolutely loved it when Mom made chicken salad.  There's a little cafe a few towns over that make a great chicken salad sandwich served on a fresh croissant.

And it seems that no two chicken salads are the same.  Maybe that's why I was afraid to make it.  Could I - little ol' me - make some of this delectable poultry goodness?

Then one day, I did.  We had just finished a baked chicken and there were leftovers (a rarity around here).  Paul normally picks the bird clean and I make him chicken and gravy for his lunch the next day.  But for some reason, I decided to brave the unknown.  Instead of smothering the chicken meat in gravy, I smothered it in mayonnaise.

After chunking up the chicken meat into small pieces, I went to the fridge and cupboards to see what other muchie things I could throw into the bowl.  I found sunflower seeds, raisins, celery, apples, onions, chopped 'em all up and threw them into the bowl.  A few cranks of the pepper grinder, a few shakes of the seasoning salt, a dash of sugar and plopped a big ol' spoonful of homemade mayonnaise in there and stirred it around.  After adjusting the seasoning a bit, I had myself a wonderful Chicken Salad!

It was amazing.  And truth be told, as I'm typing this, I am chewing on a fork-full of it.  Wonderful.

And the best part of it is, that there really is no recipe!  I mean, seriously.  I just rummage through the fridge and chop up crunchy, savory and sweet stuff, toss it in the bowl o' chicken.  Add mayonnaise and a few simple seasonings and D.O.N.E.  You can eat it just as is.  You can wrap it up in a huge leaf of lettuce.  You can put it on top of chopped salad greens.  You can wrap it up in a soft tortilla.

So.  Are YOU afraid of the Chicken Salad Monster?  Don't be.  He's actually very tame.  And very yummy to boot.


  1. I have made it but like you there was nothing written down. It is a good thing to do if there is left overs, I think I may have put relish in mine but your version sounds good. You have got me thinking about making some and I do have a chicken in the freezer that needs to be roasted.

  2. Mine never tastes as good as I want it to. (So just what am I comparing it to, I ask? Dunno.) I never, ever think of putting nuts or fruit (grapes! yes, grapes!) in it but have had that and liked it a lot.

    Sunnybrook Farm, I make mine with relish, too. Also chopped dill pickle which is kind of redundant but I do it anyway.

  3. Those are my favorite recipes. flexible ones. I use celery, mayo and fresh tarragon in mine, but fruit is great too...

  4. Seeds and nuts in chicky salad? Ya I am afraid of that but I like my chicken salad with the bare minimum of additions.

  5. Whew. After extolling your fiercesomeness, I was very glad to read that you weren't afraid of some weenie chicken salad. I tend to add things like grapes or raisins and curry. Or relish. Not all at the same time, however. My chicken salad is never the same.

  6. That's the same way I make mine. Hard telling what I'll put in it.

  7. That's the same way I make mine. Hard telling what I'll put in it.