Friday, June 20, 2014

Squash Surprise

I had planted three rows of various squash seeds a few weeks ago....just hours before an onslaught of days long torrential downpours.  I figured that they all washed down to the river.  But to my surprise, lookie what I've got:

Not nearly as many as I had planted, but at this point I'll take anything I can get.  At this point, gawd only knows what kind they are, but I really don't care.  They are alive and my planting efforts weren't totally in vain.

We also planted the sweet potato slips a week ago and they are doing relatively well given that the area is not fenced in to protect them from the marauding scratching claws of the local poultry population.  I think we only lost two out of sixteen plants.

So, there is hope for a late summer garden.  And in a week or so, I'll work on getting the Fall garden going.


  1. Yep, it always amazes me that newly planted seeds don't wash completely away when a gully washer hits right after they're put in the ground. Sure wish I could grow sweet potatoes (love 'em) but, of course, we don't have warm enough weather for them.

    Ha! You're talking about putting in a late summer/fall garden . . . while up here we're still waiting for something that looks like summer!

  2. My 2 acre pumpkin patch didn't wash away either. I never do a late Summer or Fall garden. By August I am done with veggies and gardening and I still have to go until October.

  3. Lordy! Here in drought-stricken California, I'd give my eye-teeth for a gully washer. Half a gully washer. A fourth of a gully washer. An eighth of gully washer. that. Sigh...

  4. Carolyn,

    With the squash popping out of the ground. and not washed away you should have yourself a nice harvest.

    Sweet potatoes, YUM.....I planted them last year and had a really nice harvest.

  5. Hurray! Survival squash! In more ways than one...

  6. Yeah squash! Hopefully you don't have the damn squash bugs like I have. They are working on murdering a third plant this week, even with me squishing them and their eggs every other day :/
    Fall garden time. I can't believe it.....