Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thou shall (try) not (to) complain

I've been meaning to get the new garden section planted.  Paul and the dozer did the grunt work for me by trenching rows and I started weeding the HUGE mullein plants and other jungle-sized weeds that had grown up in there, but I haven't been able to get any seeds in.

Why (besides the fact that I'm a hopeless slothwoman)?  Because it seems that whenever I get the urge or time to go out there and plant in the rows, it starts raining.

We've been having scattered storms off & on the past week, and although it's not raining all the time, it's not enough time to get the "soil" in the trenches dry enough to attempt to work.  So I've been working on expanding my Rock'n Herb Garden instead.  Which needed to be done and I am enjoying, but those darned squash & bean seeds needed to be in the ground like three weeks ago.

Not that I should complain about the rain, because we badly need the moisture.  But complain I will, as all this wonderful and needed moisture will make it absolutely, positively, undeniably Africa Stinking Hot & Humid as the next two days are forecast to be in the lower 90's.  I'm predicting major swampass for the remainder of the week.  And I refuse to take six showers in a day, so if you're planning on stopping by for a visit, make sure you've numbed your olfactory senses adequately by inhaling skunk spray or the rotting corpse of the armadillo up the road first.

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  1. The only way around it is raised beds and imported soil!
    Unless you change to rock growing which you have a good start at :-)

  2. This rain has been excellent for the garden and the pond but the smell that comes from the different varieties of moistened shit in the yard is just nasty!!!!
    I had swampass yesterday, lol. At some point you just keep on sweatin' and own your stinkiness. Luckily only one neighbor and my mil came by :))

  3. Now do you see the advantage of living up here where we rarely reach above freezing? Okay, truth to tell, we do usually get some sticky, hot and humid days each summer (and do we ever mitch and boan about them!) but not enough to run our well dry because of too many personal showers. Heck, we're so *cool* up here that even in the summer we rarely notice compost, manure or our bodies emitting an odor. Sometimes we go weeeeks without showering. (Hee-hee.)

  4. There I did an anti-Sloth woman tractor post today just for you Carolyn... Maybe that will get ya motivated.

    1. I seen them! :-O
      I'll bet Paul paints the CAT blue now! :-)

  5. Don't you dare complain about rain, young lady! Honestly - feel free to send it up here. They are predicting storms, etc. today, but I'm not counting on it. Rain has skirted us every time it's in the area. And that's the reason I don't live south of here. I cannot stand humidity. I mean, besides swampass, I am cranky, whiny, grouchy and prickly when it gets all hot and sticky.

  6. I can always count on a laugh from you! Oh my we understand the smell part here in the Ozarks is like no other beside the fact that the only beings attracted to ya are the chiggers and ticks which there are plenty but the dogs who bring them with them along with the poison oak/ivy they so lovingly share after a run in the woods!
    Hang in you still have plenty of time to get things planted......

  7. Oooo that smell, can't you smell that smell? That smell that surrounds youuuuu. ;)

  8. I miss the rain and the thunder storms of Arkansas. Idaho doesn't get that so much. I understand about the rocks though. We grew sandstone like non other in Mulberry. Now I grow lava rock. And sand... don't forget the sand.